Monday, April 15, 2024

D'Nats Sri Petaling

First time trying D'Nats despite this stall has been around for quite some time. It is an established Malay warung that sells breakfast, lunch and dinner, meaning it opens throughout the day.
It was lunch time and i went there to try the set meal - Daging salai masak lemak rice set which came with an ice syrup drink.
It has been some time since i last had daging salai masak lemak. I used to tapao Malay nasi campur with ayam masak lemak from the campus student canteen located nearby my ex-office. It was way cheaper back then (coz it was student price although I'm not a student).
This daging salai masak lemak gravy is quite mild with light spiciness and turmeric taste. The beef has light smokey taste almost undetected, so it was just so-so. Maybe this is not their specialty.
The rice is also served with salted fish, lettuce and slices of cucumber.
My rating: 6/10
[Below] Deep fried spring roll with chili sauce coating from D'Nats.
It was just so-so.
Nasi Lemak Tawaf
Nearby the stall there is another famous nasi lemak stall - Nasi Lemak Tawaf.
It is usually crowded and long queue in the morning. Despite, the nasi lemak is just another mediocre one, there are better ones out there. But if you fancy kerang, sotong, mutton, beef, chicken rendang in the morning, this is the place to get it.
Good Morning Cafe
Minced pork loushifun (rat tail noodle/silver needle noodle) from Good Morning cafe. 
I like the minced pork on top of this loushifun. 
This bowl with luncheon meat costs RM9.80 nett.
I also tried minced pork kuey teow from this same shop. Price is same as loushifun.
Pasar Malam
Colorful siumai, fish balls & fish cakes from the night market. RM10.
This stall sells siumai with different flavors - black pepper, otak otak, teochew, tomyum, mushroom etc.
Vegetarian noodles from Foloso.
It has braised tofu, mushrooms with soy skin, egg and bok choy.
This set came with soup and drink. I had the calamansi drink.
The meal costs RM20.70nett


mun said...

Thank you for introducing so many eateries in Sri Petaling. If I happen to be there, I will check out these eateries.

Twilight Man said...

You just gave me an idea to eat Dim Sum. It has been a long time I have not eaten them. 😍😍

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