Sunday, February 25, 2024

Bai Wei Minibowl @ Sri Petaling

Bai Wei Minibowl is my go-to place whenever i want to have a quick late nite dinner.
During my first visit, i tried 3 dishes.
[Below] This dish no need intro....i like fatty pork so much!
[Below] This is sambal okra with deep fried dory
and the last dish is mapo tofu which is spicy and oily (not recommended)
Total price for all these including rice is RM21.20
A satisfying meal despite the price is on the high side compared to normal chapfan. But well, that's the price to pay for convenience and if you want to have some homely warm dishes at late nite/midnite๐Ÿ˜‚
During my second visit, I tried some other stuffs.
I had kangkung belacan, tomato omelet and twice cooked pork, which is basically just pork slices cooked with chili, garlic and onion with some dark soy sauce.
This time the price is slightly cheaper (RM18), coz 2 of them are non-meat dish.
The third time, i m repeating some of the dishes i had during my first & second visit, coz there were tasty.
I had tomato omelet, sambal okra and pork belly.
I finally sign-up to become member after that and was given a free herbal drink (on my next visit).
On-and-off there are free gift for members. The recent free gift is 'Sichuan chicken' dish which i have yet to claim.
[Below, throwback] Family Mart butterscotch soft-serve that i claimed FOC during my birthday month.
Sweet, and tasty.
I also tried out custard oyaki bun, which has custard filing. Tastewise ok-la. FM buns are always fluffy & light.
On certain days where i don't feel like eating chili pan mee in Super Kitchen Pan Mee shop, I would order this pork chop pan mee which is not spicy (unless you add chili flakes from the jar). It is merely kon-lou pan mee with dark soy sauce with pork chop and crispy fuchuk. Warm and filling with 'cangkuk manis' soup.
Two Pesos lunch rice set. If solo steamboat is not your thing, you can always go for their rice meal.
The rice set was previously served on a bento box but now that have use a rectangular plate that is smaller in size compared to that bento box - shrinkflation!
I had the chicken popcorn plate which came with braised egg, some pickled veggies and Taiwanese sausage. A small bowl of seaweed soup is provided too. RM12.90++ (or RM14.20nett after service charge & tax)


mun said...

Thanks for the info that ba wei minibowl Sri Petaling opens till after midnight. All the food you have shown here are very homely meals. Tasty ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹!

PH said...

The dishes you selected look pretty good. My partner went to the Bai Wei Mini Bowl at Damansara Uptown and he said the food is not that good. Dunno lah, I haven't tried yet.

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