Friday, December 1, 2023

KUL - LHR on MAS Airline

The flight from KUL to LHR took about 13 hours. My flight supposedly departs at 11:50pm, slightly before midnite on Halloween day (31 Oct), but was delayed by 15-20 minutes due to some technical checks.
All seats fully occupied, no empty seat left. Most passengers are foreigners (white ang moh), with only a few Asians. Perhaps Asians are not keen to travel on this day😂
A few hours before, some online articles circulated that MAS will be providing free wifi onboard to all passengers (including economy class) starting from 1 Nov onwards, but not sure if it will be on this flight yet.
So, i tried my luck to connect wifi on 1 Nov (just a couple of minutes away), but nope it wasn't ready. 
However, I managed to online while on my flight back to KL (16 Nov) and was happily reading some of your blogs and watching Youtube while at thousands feet up there.
Moment after the flight took off, i was served with my favorite snack - MAS signature peanuts are the best!
After the 'starter snack', the main meal (supper) was served. I had beef brisket with potatoes and i requested for extra bun coz i was kiasu hungry😁
The smoked salmon with potatoes salad is extraordinary good, with the quality on par with those served in high-end restaurants. Dessert was cake (can't remember what cake is that), but it tastes alrite too. Overall a good meal. Well done, MAS!
As this is considered a long flight, some light meal were served mid-flight. I did not take any picture of it coz the light was dim, but i remembered being served chicken sandwich/roll. I finished it and went back to sleep.
2 hours before reaching LHR, breakfast was served. I choose to have nasi lemak with chicken rendang. Instead of sausage with potato (western breakfast) I choose the nasi lemak coz i know MAS airline nasi lemak got 'standard' especially when it is prepared by the Malaysian kitchen (regardless of the caterer).
However, despite the top notch nasi lemak, I noticed that alot of the 'white ang moh' on this flight doesn't know how to appreciate this spicy food, hence not many choose the nasi lemak. Only a few Asians who had this. 
Fragrant rice and the chicken rendang is not spicy at all. The breakfast also includes a croissant, yogurt and fruits.
This would be my final nasi lemak until i return to Malaysia....bye bye nasi lemak!
Reached LHR airport in the early morning when the skies were still dark. After checked-out terminal 4, collected my luggage and checked-in at terminal 5, there wasn't any time left for leisure stroll. I had breakfast, charged my phone, went to refresh myself at the toilet and checked emails before the next departure at 10am.
Gloomy morning skies in London....Next flight is on British Airways....


PH said...

The in flight meals look very substantial. I would be satisfied!

mun said...

Oh, is it just 13 hours? Somehow I seemed to remember that it was 16 hours. I enjoy airlines meals even though most people say airlines meals are not tasty. 😂 Ah, so your trip was for 15 days.

Stacy said...

Visiting back your blog after a hiatus. Wow UK now!

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