Saturday, September 16, 2023

Nice Pair

Saw this pair of black and white high platform shoes at Charles & Keith which caught my attention. It definitely look stylish. I decided to give it a try.
Wearing this made me taller by a few inches...
Looks good, but there isn't a need to wear such pair unless to attend social functions, which i have none at the moment.
But well, it reminds me of Cruella...hahahah (wicked laugh), and yes i would mix them with one feet black and the other, white.
OK, enough of imagination, instead of yearning for that pair of shoe, i shall switch my focus to this pair of....
cendol & curry laksa!
And yes, they paired well, don't they?
After eating the spicy noodle, must flush it down with a bowl of cooling cendol, rite? rite?😁
I had this at Sedap (by Grandmama), located at the top floor of Pavilion BJ. The curry laksa has chicken, cockles, taupok, okra, deep fried beancurd sheet, fishcakes...Definitely value for money at RM13.90++
The cendol (RM6.90++) is overloaded with mashed adzuki bean (like bingsu) and green cendol.
This perfect pair costs me RM22.90 after service charges and tax. 
Another pair is these buns bought in Family Mart. I have been trying a few buns from 'Famima Bakery', there are hit and misses, but these 2 buns are good...
one is sweet, the other is savory, what a perfect pair!
These cost around RM4 and RM4.30 each.


  1. Ah, you have made me interested in those two buns. Will go try if I pass by family mart. Food in sedap is nice. I have tried a few dishes before. So u didn't buy those shoes? So sayang. Can wear to work as usual, no need reserve for functions.

  2. Charles & Keith is a good brand with fashionable shoes and bags. Selling well in overseas. The platform shoes are now trendy and celebrities are wearing them. Go girl!