Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Eateries around Bukit Jalil

Went to try out Kam Kee Cafe after reading so much about it at Mun's blog.
I'm not sure of what to eat, but it has been some time since i last had borscht soup, so i make sure to order that.
Decided to try out fried hor fun with beef slices (RM19.80). The soup is add-on RM4.80 from the fried hor fun order.
Tender beef that goes well with the hor fun. Borscht soup was plain with minimal ingredients.
In front of the 7-Eleven at Jalil Jaya, there is a food truck selling deep fried mushrooms.
The brand name is so catchy - Zhagugu
There are 2 options of deep fried mushrooms - either enoki or oyster mushroom. Sauce is packed separately.
RM6 per box...tastewise ok la, best eaten when it is hot & crispy.
[Below] This one no need is always a long queue outside the shop. I went there around 5pm-ish on a weekday and there wasn't a single person waiting at the entrance. This was on early last month when Japan has yet to announce the release of radioactive water to the sea. I think in these upcoming few months, people will still be cautious and skeptical to eat Japanese food or any imported fish.
I had a teishoku set which consists of unagi, tempura, salmon sashimi, chawanmushi, salad, rice, miso soup and watermelon.
The Sake bottles decorating the bar.
The kitchen is located behind the 'maneki neko' door curtain.
Shin Zushi is a small and narrow shop, you might feel claustrophobic while dining here.
In contrary, Good Taste restaurant (which is situated nearby Shin Zushi) occupies 2 big shop lots. Despite that, i have never visited it until recently. Their specialties is the roasted meat (duck, chicken, pork), but they have sold out, so i decided to try out the noodles instead. I had curry wanton noodles with meat dumpling (sui gao). I also ordered a plate of bok choy to supplement the lacking greens in the meal.
Overall OK. I like the springy noodles and the meat dumplings. The noodle has crispy beancurd skin, taupok and pork skins. Quite generous portion.
I shall drop by again to try out their roasted meat next time.


  1. Oh, thanks for the mention. Let me think 🤔 have I eaten this dry beef char hor fun in Kam Kee before? I just checked, I did eat it once in starling mall branch. Think I need to eat it again since I don't remember it. Shin zushi food that you ordered looks good. Maybe I will try it one day but quite difficult to find parking space there. Always full.

  2. I have eaten Kam Kee Cafe dry beef char hor fun via Grabfood and I remember it was delicious!

  3. Good Taste is my all time favourite. Cheap and good esp the toasted bread!