Monday, September 18, 2023

Chuan Chiew Bak Kut Teh

I was thinking of having burgerlab in their OUG outlet, but seeing the crowd, i changed my mind and went to the nearby eatery, a Bak Kut Teh shop. Ordered a claypot BKT with add-on fuchuk (beancurd skin) and a bowl of rice. I requested for only pork belly and ribs, as I dislike offals.
As usual, the BKT broth is quite salty (normal KL-standard), therefore has to eat with rice.
Pricewise is quite standard too, RM18 for a claypot BKT with default ingredients.
Total bill came to RM25.20 with drink (plain water).
On another day, I was craving for the Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS) chicken rice combo. They may not have the best chicken rice, but the side dishes are what I'm longing for. The last TCRS meal I had was several years ago.
There are 3 types of chicken to choose from - steamed, roasted and soy sauce.
I had the soy sauce.
The combo came with a braised tofu and egg.
and beansprout - round and fat. Crunchy and juicy. My favorite side dish so far. It resembles the ones from Ipoh.
My full set combo meal which came with a drink. I choose soy milk, although the combination is kinda 'off'😁. I think they use Homesoy brand as it tastes familiar.
There goes my hearty meal!

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  1. Oh, so you like the beansprouts served by TCRS. Yesterday he also ate bkt but without rice. The broth is not that salty. Have you tried the bkt at 8th avenue food court in pavilion Bukit Jalil? Pricier than normal bkt but similar price to Pao Xiang bkt in pinnacle condo. Wah, myburgerlab business is so good. I have never been into their oug branch though I have passed by many times.