Thursday, September 23, 2021

RT Pastry

continuation from the previous post...
do u manage to guess what's in the box?
the 'thing' in this box is as round as the smiley face
despite the misleading pictures on the packaging - a lady in bathtub holding a rubber duckie...and some fishes at the corner and the side of the box...the product inside is not related to them at all...
coz in the box is a Europe Cheese Cake!
Priced at RM18.80, this cheese cake weighted around 400gram with the size of a personal pan pizza.
Fairly densed and quite cheesy....The taste is similar to the Secret Recipe New York cheese cake with slight sourish lemon taste.
This whole cake can cut up to 8 pieces (where the size of each piece is just nice for 1 pax to consume without feeling 'jelak').
I also bought a box of taro flavored swiss roll
The side view (below)
There is a piece of agar-agar in the middle of the roll. The texture of that agar-agar is more like 'kuih talam'.
Priced at RM13.80, the swiss roll is just so-so only with slight taro taste (almost undetected)....the texture is alright though - soft and fluffy.
Both items are neither bad nor excellent....I will still buy them again in the near future.


  1. Ah, you finally tried the taro swiss roll but it just got into your alright list, not your favourite list. Hahaha, that cheese cake box is so misleading. I would never have guessed correctly that it is cheese cake by looking at the box. Did your parents eat the cheese cake as well? How many days did it take to finish it? I don't dare to buy the cheese cake because I don't know when I can finish it alone. This cheese cake must be a new product because I haven't seen it before.

  2. The cheesecake wasn't that big, compared to the Swiss roll. The packaging was confusing. Lol

  3. Hahahaaa...I was totally out in my guess. Never thought it was something edible. I love cheese cake with a slight sourish lemon taste.

  4. You are right to say the packaging is misleading lol. I was only half correct, I knew it was something edible because of the fish picture but never expect it was a cheesecake.

    I love to eat cheese cake. Yours looks yummy! Will you share the 8 pieces of cheesecake with your family or eat on your own?

    I love kuih talam so I will like the taro swiss roll too.

  5. What, what has a cheesecake got to do with fish, with a girl in a bathtub, a duckie... gosh.

  6. Mun: yea, my parents eat all sorts of cakes! they spread the cheesecake onto bread like cream cheese....This product has been around for quite some time coz my sis bought this before in 2019.

    Rose world: yea, the cheesecake is not that big, but fairly dense and one small slice can get me full.

    Nancy Chan: out of guess....i would have never thought of a cheesecake in it too!

    Libby: it is shared...i can't finish alone in within 3 days.

    Stacy: hehe....very misleading packaging!

  7. Thanks for the info. Wonder why I didn't notice it ij rt pastry before. Maybe I need to open my eyes bigger. I am like your parents, can use many sorts of food as spread on bread. 👍

  8. Two things piqued my interest...1) what has a duck or fish to do with cheesecake (lol) and 2) why is it called 'Europe' cheesecake specifically? So I googled and found out that this Europe cheesecake is a German cheesecake made with Quark cheese it seems (with a texture similar to thick Greek yogurt)...hence the duck (as in quack?)! :D But that still doesn't solve the mystery of the fish in the packaging though...haha.

  9. it was nothing fishy but a cheesecake! I wonder why they put picture of fish and a lady holding rubber duckie.