Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Shanghai Mooncakes

We managed to get some discounted mooncakes after the mid-autumn festival. There were still loads of them on sale in AEON Big with 70% off.
Below picture is the box for Yu Ai brand....the design for this year looks quite plain with greyish background...not so appealing due to its dull colour.
Bought 2 pieces of Shanghai mooncakes. It was still fresh and nice. The texture is soft & moist, not dry at all (like those mooncakes kept for too long). The expiry date is 21 Oct 2021...roughly a month to go when we bought it. The outer crust is not crumbly when cut. The quality seems on par with the more established brand.
Tastewise is slightly sweet but that's common for non-homebaked product.
At RM6.30 per piece we don't mind about that. We also bought the conventional lotus paste mooncakes (which i did not take picture coz they are just too common). All are priced similarly around RM6-7 per piece after discount.
Meanwhile, here's our grocery haul for the week...
we bought our groceries in bulk that lasts a whole week
i just noticed that we have 1 cabbage, 2 corns, 3 daikons, 4 cucumbers...😀😀😀
till then, stay safe!


  1. RM6-7 is so cheap. Here in KK, after discount still more than RM10.

  2. Wow! You got a really good price for those mooncakes. It looks good too! You are a skilful bargain hunter! 👍 My mother would love those vegetables you bought from aeon big. Looks so big and fresh 😍

  3. I thought the Yu Ai box is quite pretty. Last year they had those small ones which were very pretty. So I bought the mooncakes just to collect the boxes hah..hah.. This year I did not buy any.

    Its a good idea to buy veggie to last for a week. Among all green veggies, choy sum (sawi) is the one that keep well.

  4. I usually buy vegetables to last about 4 days. Buying beans and those vegetables that can last longer as well.

    I still have 2 mooncakes left from Westin KL. One is Shanghai. Maybe will eat it this weekend.

  5. We also buy veggies in bulk for a week from the market, and groceries, once or twice a month. I like your sweet mooncake and hope you had a good festival time. Take care

  6. I'd have wanted more mooncake this year, especially discounted ones. But just not going out enough to see them.

    That's a lot of sawi for the week!

  7. I have eaten Shanghai mooncakes and their pastry skin is nice. For that price, I could have bought 2 dozens as gifts for relatives.