Monday, September 20, 2021

Mini Snowskin Mooncakes

Received this box of homebaked mini snowskin mooncakes from our new neighbour.
They have just moved in on last month and are quite friendly.
the box consists of 6 assorted mini mooncakes with different flavours and skin colours...We don't know what are the filling inside each mooncakes coz there is no label.
But mostly are red bean paste and lotus paste....
Some have mixed skin unique!
On another note, i have finally taken my 2nd dose, and got this lil' free gift - orange flavour Redoxon drink.
My 2nd jab went well with mild fever and shorter recuperating time (compared to the first one)...LOL, could it be this drink doin its magic??
To celebrate the 'completion of 2nd dose', i got myself something (see below) 😃
Are u able to guess what is this?


  1. There's so nice of your new neighbour. The mini mooncakes look pretty cute and beautiful.

  2. So cute the mini snow skin mooncakes. Sure is one mouthful for one. Congrats on completing your vaccination! You got reaction both times so sure got protection now. My friend took pfizer also but no reaction at all. Is that some fish snacks you bought? Sardines? Anchovies?

  3. Your new neighbours just moved in? That means they have been renovating the house for quite some time already?

  4. SGRMSE: i thought it is a common word ;-)

    Diane Diane Teo: yea, these mini mooncakes are cute!

    Mun: it is a rented house. Not much of renovation, just some minimal repair works and repaint. Yea, quite some time already. Stay tuned on my next post about that box of 'mysterious snack'....

  5. Very pretty gift from your new neighbour. So nice to receive free gift for completing your vaccination. I have no idea what is in the package. It need cold temperature storage. Can it be mask for your face?

  6. Nice new neighbour. Pretty mooncakes.

  7. Wow! Mixed colour on the mini mooncake, so unique and rare!

    So nice, friendly and considerate of your new neighbour to gift you the mooncakes.

    Let me guess, is that cod liver oil?

  8. Why is there an "oh my" handwriting on the mooncake label lol. Is it bcos of the typo error in the wordings, lol :)

  9. Finally you have completed your two doses, yeah, can dine out liao, happy dining out and meanwhile still stay safe :)

  10. Mooncakes are pretty.

    Hmm I got no gifts from my vaccinations haha. My second one was really symptomless until I wondered if they managed to inject me with air after carefully explaining the vaccine earlier haha. Coz I don't look at the actual injection going in.