Friday, September 17, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - Brew House

I have eaten in Brew House several times and quite like their grilled chicken chop.
After a few failed attempts in placing my orders via Foodpanda (back in July)...finally i was able to get thru in August....yay!
Not quite sure why the outlet nearby my house cancelled my previous orders­čśĽ
Quite impressed with the packaging, nice paper bag with the shop logo and paper box sealed with their sticker.
I ordered 2 boxes of grilled chicken chop to qualify for the RM8 off/discount.
nice huge slab of chicken chop....tender and not over-grilled
fries were hidden underneath....thick cut fries....which i like!
the set came with coleslaw and black pepper gravy which were packed in a separate container.
Upon discount, the total price for this purchase is RM25 inclusive of delivery....which is around RM12.50 per set, definitely much cheaper than ordering the same thing in their physical shop.


  1. I love everything in Brew House's menu. They cook well with great tastes and excellent quality control. No wonder so many branches now.

  2. Wow! The grilled chicken chop looks so juicy. Value for money too. I ever encounted foodpanda cancelled my order once with no reason given too.

  3. I've a Brew House in my taman. So far, I've only eaten their porky dishes, will want to try their chicken chop next seeing it looks good. Their salted egg fish skin is very addictive.

  4. Wow! Everyone is praising Brew House. I like their salmon rice bowl. Since you vouched for their chicken chop, I will order that for my spouse next time if there is no butter taste. No butter taste on the chicken chop, right? I couldn't get Foodpanda to deliver to me from their Sri Petaling branch. I get my order from their kuchai branch.

  5. I checked and yes, we have Brew House in Ipoh too. I haven't been there. Hopefully, in the near future when it is safe to dine-in, I hope to pay a visit there.

  6. That was huge chicken chop!!! RM12.50 per set is reasonable, looking at the portion.

  7. Looks good! I've been to the actual Brew House just once and found the food so-so only. Must be my outlet (Kota Dsara).