Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Memorie Cafe @ IOI City Mall

Wanted to try out something new in the new wing of IOI City mall, so I walk-in to this cafe, without knowing what they have in the menu.
This is an Eurasian Portuguese restaurant which sells western, fusion and local dishes. I guess it is famous for its Ikan Bakar...which i did not try.
Instead I had this....
What's this greenish soup?
It's green curry ramen...and it is vegan. My first time trying this place and i ordered something not their signature😂
Well, I don't feel like eating meat that day. So, meatless noodles it is! 
The ingredients are long beans, mushroom, and julienned-cut carrots....The green curry soup is tasty and thick!
This bill came to RM20.99nett, which includes the tax & service charges.
This cafe outlet in IOI City mall is fully digitized. Ordering is done via online (by scanning on the barcode to access their ordering portal). They accept only cashless payment, therefore remember to have sufficient amount in your ewallet, or else pay by credit card. I paid using TnG ewallet.
After gulping this big bowl of noodles, it time to digest off with a short stroll.
[Below] IOI City mall new wing's entrance/exit to the Symphony is much quieter compared to the similar entrance/exit at the old wing.
The Symphony water fountain, with water & lights display on every 5 minutes, during the evening until closing time.
[Below] The ready-made yeesang that we bought from Genting CNY bazaar some time ago.
We only managed to have this after CNY😂


  1. Is the yee sang vegetarian yee sang? Now I feel like eating green curry noodles and it is 2 am in the morning.😆

    1. It is a ready made, prepacked yeesang. No meat at all.

    2. Ah, ok so you all didn't add any raw salmon slices into the yee sang.

  2. Very interesting the green curry ramen though I would prefer to have some meat in it.

    1. The have green curry chicken dish, without the noodles😅

  3. I would enjoy the Symphony water fountain, with water and lights display. I love yee sang.

  4. First time seeing a vegan green curry ramen.

    Never mind, anytime for yee sang. Haha.