Monday, March 13, 2023

Dining @ 4 Fingers again....

After a year plus of not dining at 4 Fingers, I suddenly crave for their chicken drumstick😆
Went to the outlet at IOI City Mall after work and ordered an ala carte of the followings:
Tofu nuggets in teriyaki sauce (12 pieces per tray). 
Chicken drumsticks rice -  i choose 'soy & garlic' flavour. 
The kimslaw (kimchi coleslaw) is hidden underneath the drumsticks. The kimslaw paired well with the chicken flavor. Chicken is tender and juicy.
The bill came to RM23.75nett
Both the tofu and rice taste good. I will definitely come back again!
Meanwhile, on another day, I went to Texas Chicken to claim my 'free 1 piece chicken' after done with an online survey.
I ordered a Texas wrap set meal which comes with a wrap, coleslaw, drink and a piece of chicken.
Added with that complimentary chicken, i now have 2 pieces😉
Here's an update of my furry friends - the office cats...
The tuxedo cat sits at the entrance on every night, guarding the office door. I adore her silky smooth black fur....What's her grooming secret?
Don't be fooled by her sulky face, she is definitely a friendly stray.
I first met her when i accidently slammed her when opening the door from inside. Who heck would expect the cat sitting there, just right in front of the tinted glass door.
She's continuing her 'habit' and even a junior cat is joining her every evening.
[Below] This junior cat (a 6-month++ old kitten) has now become my bff (best furry friend).
I met her when she was just a tiny 3-week old kitten. 
Used to be bullied by the tuxedo cat, but now that she is bigger and stronger, she 'challenges' back and they got into fights quite often😅
She looks skinny & has a crooked tail (i believe it was since birth). 
A clingy and very affectionate kitten who follows me around. On some evening, she would escort me to the carpark after work, sat there and watch me drove off.


  1. Nice meeting your furry bff!!! Cute fella!

    Not so crazy about Korean fried chicken. Haha.

  2. Aiyor, I am so heart broken 💔 by how junior cat follow you to car park and watch you drive off. So sad. I am sure she hopes you would bring her home with you, else why would she follow you to your car since no food there also. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. I love 4Fingers fried chicken but have never visited their outlets. I see you eat this I feel like wanna Grabfood hee..hee... The two kitty cats are so cute. I have a very soft spot for kitties. If one ever followed me around, my heart will melt and I will take it home. LOL!

  4. very obedient you feed them every day ?