Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday evening makan-makan in the office...

This was a small-scale makan-makan event in the office organised by the event committee on last month....It was also doubled as birthday celebration for the previous month 'babies'...since we did not have any makan-makan earlier this year.
Here are the food/delicacies that we had:
Local colorful but limited edition....only a plate to cater for 50+ of us....hmmm they should have order more😄
the buffet line with fusion dishes....can't remember what I had, but it was just enough for the 50+ pax...tastewise so-so only.
Meanwhile on last year December....there was also a small-scale makan-makan and Christmas gifts for everyone...
Candies and puzzles (wrapped)
Free to choose which one we want....
I had the fruit pastilles.
While clearing the house, i found this on the shelves....It is a mini size plush toy, the Sesame Street edition which were a craze back then in the early 2000s. It was a collectible item when purchasing McD set meals during then (i think...)
Just posting it up here for remembrance before discarding it.


  1. that's a lot of food for small makan makan..probably the focus was not on the kuih muih :D

    1. AgnesCFLee: lol, i focus on the wrong thing😆

  2. Ah, so sad that your plush toy will end up in a landfill to be discovered by Wall-E the robot in 2085.