Saturday, March 25, 2023

Beef Pho @ 24 Hours Vietnamese Restaurant

After a year plus of not having any beef pho, i m sort of craving for it again.
Decided to drop by this small eatery, which is fully run by Vietnamese. The Vietnamese staff can speak Chinese, English, and perhaps some Malay.
This hidden eatery survived the pandemic lockdown and still operating as usual, serving the locals & Vietnamese customers who are staying around the area. 
Here's my beef pho, served with a plate of greens.
Chili sauce, fish sauce, sri racha sauce are available on every table. This bowl of noodles is good to eat with sri racha sauce.
The plate of greens consists of mint leaves, basil leaves, lettuces. Just dump all into the bowl to eat with the noodles. My mouth tastes so fresh after munching these mint leaves.


  1. Oh, I also long time never eat beef pho already. Time to eat it again after reading your writeup. Is this eatery open for 24 hours? Never close?

    1. Mun: i don't think it opens 24 hours, it is jst a name for the shop.

    2. Ok thanks. So it is the name.

  2. Long time didn't take pho!! The mint is good and refresh to take after all those beef broth.

  3. Long, long time haven't eaten pho. Looks delicious.

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  5. The beef pho looks delicious. I haven't eaten that in a long time!

  6. I like how they serve the greens. the beef noodles look delicious.