Saturday, September 30, 2023

Not so nice anymore....

I used to order this bulgogi stew whenever i dined at Mi Na Rae, coz it tastes similar to the one i had in Korea sometime ago. However, lately (these few years) it doesn't taste as good anymore. I thought it could be my taste bud problem, but when i tried again on earlier this month, i still felt the same. Something missing somewhere....
So, that's it, I'm not gonna order this anymore.
The banchan has shrunk too....It used to serve up to 9 banchans with my fav sausage and caramelised peanuts, but now they are just some very ordinary stuffs.
shrinkflation hit hard on us...
The above meal costs around RM26~
And so is the below (including the watermelon drink). I had this chicken chop set meal at a random shop with no name. Sadly it is not up to par too.
I guess RM20++ wouldn't get u a good meal these days.

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  1. I still haven't visited mi na rae so since you say not nice already then I won't kiv it anymore. For rm20 meals, better go eat chapfan I guess, lolx! 😂