Friday, September 8, 2023

Casco Viejo, Panama City

Casco Viejo or San Felipe, is the historic district of Panama City.
Considered a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site, the district dates back to 1673, and features vibrant plazas and picturesque brick-paved streets surrounded by colorful buildings.
There are several online local tours that offer day trip at this site, but I choose the free-and-easy, 'jalan sendiri' with my trusted 'tour guide', the Mr-Nice-Guy. After all, he knows the local language hence it's easier for him to ask around we when lost our way.
This place has the 'Macau' vibe with buildings architecture similar to those in Senado Square, but with lesser tourist/crowds.
[Below] Statue of Tom├ís de Herrera (Governor of Panama). I'm not into history, so not gonna elaborate further.
More walking and fascinated with their building architecture....
It was drizzling rain, thus we walked fast to find shelter.
Serene with greeneries...
Most of the buildings are government offices. There are also hotels and restaurants.
It was mid morning, some restaurants are yet to open.
We found shelter at a cafeteria cum souvenir shop.
Fancy seating and interior.
The shop sells hats, apparels, crafts at 'tourist' price.
At the food counter - Chocolate chips, cakes, empanadas of various fillings (beef, chicken, cheese)
The price is also much pricier than the local price *double the usual price.
I had a minced beef empanada at USD2.60++ (when I can get it at USD1.30 at mini mart)
Nothing special except that the staff reheated it, rather than serving it at room temperature­čśé
to be continued...


  1. I like sight seeing like this. Then a visit to a bakery along the way for pastry and coffee would be nice. I noticed the tree with red flowers. I wonder of that is the Flame of the Forest tree. I can still remember the scent of the flowers and it always evokes memories of my primary school days as the tree was right outside my classroom.

    1. PH: so nice to have a beautiful tree outside your classroom!

  2. I love sight seeing and city touring. Always amazed with the architecture and the history value of old buildings and structures.

    1. Rose world: yea, those buildings are well maintained, despite very old.

  3. The empanadas reminded me of Cornish pasties. I would eat the beef or cheese empanadas. I believe there could be a difference in the quality of the fillings. Similar to buying a tart from secret recipe vs a tart from 7-11. The quality difference is there, hence the price difference.

    1. Mun: i have tried the mini mart version and this, they tastes the same. I prefer the mini mart one coz this one was too hot when served.

    2. Oh I see you have tried both. Thanks for the details. I dislike to get food that is too hot to be eaten when served.

  4. I have visited Macau 3 times and agree that they have similar architecture. Beautiful ❤️!