Thursday, March 2, 2023

My Affordable Lunch

With the current 'gahvermen' initiative in providing affordable meals, menu Rahmah seems like a trend lately....there's Burger King, Old Town Whitecoffee and several small to medium stalls/restaurants joining the bandwagon.
The nasi campur stall nearby my office is also offering their own version of menu Rahmah, which consists of simple 2-dishes rice meal. But, despite that, I ain't keen on trying those coz the dishes are lousy.
Instead, i constructed my own menu Rahmah....something that is 'rahmah' to my pocket😀
I had my 3-dishes rice box, which consists of okra, potato wedges, fried egg and rice doused with curry & masak lemak delicious!
and it is only RM4! i was so full after eating this and it lasted me till dinner.
Meanwhile on another day, at Texas Chicken drive-thru, i ordered the below:
left: Spicy Korean Rice Bowl (RM6.90 nett)
right: Spicy Korean Mash Bowl (RM4.90 nett)
The rice bowl is slightly bigger than the mash bowl...the portion is somewhat similar to KFC value bowl, just that the taste/flavor is different.
The rice bowl has a few chunks of boneless chicken with spicy Korean sauce, and a few pieces of lettuces.
Meanwhile the mash bowl, is actually mashed potato with a few chunks of boneless chicken with spicy Korean sauce and mayo.
On another day, I also tried the smoky BBQ flatbread (RM6.90 nett), which is quite good too.
I have yet to try the buttermilk rice bowl....hopefully one of these days.


  1. So far i have only tried the Rahmah meal at Old Town White Coffee, have checked out Burger King this morning but it is still closed and no banner of anything about Rahmah Meal. Too few participants here.

  2. I have tried the rahmah meal at burger king. Your own diy rahmah meal looks very flavourful and tasty. Ah, I want to try the new items at Texas chicken.

  3. 3-dishes includes fried egg for just RM4 only, it's dirt cheap. Cause nowadays fried egg costs roughly around RM1-1.50 here in KK.