Saturday, October 16, 2021

Welcome Back Gift

Went to the office on 1st Oct to collect my 'welcome back gift' aka 'safety return kit' from the company.
I'm unofficially returned to the office, as i only went there to collect things....The office is quiet & empty as most colleagues are still WFH (including me)...
Here's what i got.....face shield, oximeter, alcohol wipes, face mask (both disposable & fabric), alcohol spray, and test kit.
after collected the 'gift', i went jalan jalan @ IOI City Mall coz that was my 'leave day'....yea i took Annual Leave to purposely go leisure window shopping.
Good to see that most business are back as usual.
The skating ring has resumed operation and the atmosphere was lively!
it was a weekday, hence not many people but the crowd started to build in the evening...
i'm enjoying this view after many months of not visiting the mall....
even the light/lamps fascinates me....
These 'lamps pictures' were taken at the adjacent Le Meridien hotel. The hotel was yet to be 'fully open' (during then) coz the interstate travel was still prohibited. Empty bars and lounge....I guess the hotel is merrier now.
I went to the office again on 14th Oct (2 weeks later) to collect my second 'gift'....this time is the company shirt for our upcoming company trip in Cherating...The company has also provided a test kit for us to conduct self COVID-19 test at home before departure on 16th Oct. I just did mine a moment ago....result: negative. Yay! I can go!
meanwhile, unrelated to the above.....
I think these SMEG appliances look cool...but pricey...
(click on the picture to see the price)....
Would you buy a toaster or kettle at such price?


  1. Nope, rather spend the money on food, hahahaha! Enjoy your cherating trip! Everyone is so happy that things are getting back to normal now. At least everyone is acting normal now despite still wearing face masks.

  2. Your company is so nice to give you gifts dua kali! Some more got company trip. You must be looking forward to it. I won't spend so much money on toaster and kettle. I prefer to save the money and go for nice makan!

  3. Both kettle and toaster looked cool in red.

    Now most are getting back to normal and ready for the endemic phase it seemed. Guess we just need to live with this virus.

  4. The lamps ARE rather nice.

    Can't bring myself to pay such high prices for the SMEGs. Doesn't fit my kitchen anyway (this one sour grapes hehe).

  5. Not just two free gifts, but your company even rewarded you with a company trip to Cherating. That's so nice of your company.

    I won't pay that hefty price for a toaster or kettle. Rather spend on food or trip better. Hehehe.