UTOPIA: Short Getaway during Wesak Day

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Short Getaway during Wesak Day

It was a public holiday and since it was in the middle of the week, I went for a short 'escape' to the nearby hilltop.
 here's the beginning of the highway leading to the east coast
 but again I'm not heading to east coast...so after a nearby exit it turned into the road leading to that hill
 and sooner found myself enjoyin this nice view & cooling weather
 blue skies and pine trees
after awhile (less than an hour later), I was here...okay....I just passed by to 'pinjam toilet'
 went to a nearby foodcourt to have porky lunch....if u r a member, this meal costs only 6GP
 this place is new....as it only opened 2 months ago.
 spacious & bright
 the interior is not too dull
 the vibrant green sofa is so eye capturing!
Just in case u r wondering, this place is called 'Good Luck' foodcourt and it is located inside the new casino at Sky Avenue.
and when night falls, I had abalone dinner....yumzzzz....
 with some free live shows on stage...
there goes my one day holiday.....next day back to reality...WORK!


Twilight Man said...

What a lovely trip. Sometimes my wife would kidnap me into the car drove all the way up just to drink Starbucks coffee... then come down. Siao Lang!!! LOLOL

Somewhere in Singapore said...

A nice short gateway

mun said...

wah you went to genting! so syiok! you did not try the burgers and lobsters restaurant? I heard the lobsters are very tasty! and cheaper than pince and pints.

mun said...

abalone dinner! the abalone in your bowl is so big! so luxurious! must be very expensive.

Nux V said...

Twilight Man: LOL...memang 'siao' to go all the way up the hill just to enjoy a cuppa....

Somewhere in Singapore: yeaya..

Mun: it was a long queue in Burgers & Lobster...crazy queue! Dun be fooled by the picture...that abalone is very small actually.

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