UTOPIA: 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

Lunch @ Coffee Terrace

Sometime during CNY, I got invited for a buffet lunch....
 since I dun hav to pay...I quickly accept the 'offer'....got free lunch wor...why not???
In the entire household, yours truly is a qualified 'DBKL', therefore the invitation was extended 'exclusively' to me...
Mum & I likes satay very much....So I 'sapu' the satays, each of us a plate, and paired with cendol and ais kacang! Such a great combination.
 sooner, our table was filled with plates of food
 well, besides satay, the chicken rice is good too....with tender yet succulent chicken.
Others are local dishes such as curry chicken, laksa noodles, Chinese vegetarian...etc
They also have limited Western stuffs (pasta, grilled chicken chop, fish fillet, lasagna...salads, soups, buns) but they were mediocre.
The satay is the best thus far.
Coffee Terrace is located nearby Genting Grand hotel lobby. Weekend lunch at around RM50/pax. Weekday is cheaper by a few RM.
More food/dishes selection during dinner but i hav yet to try out their dinner...so, I can't tell whether it is good or not.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Curry Chicken Hor Fun @ Tea Garden

The office 'makan gang' enjoyed goin to the Tea Garden coz it offered the tenant's menu which is very affordable.
Here's the curry chicken hor fun that I had for RM11.90 nett which was served with a choice of dessert - I choose beancurd pudding (taufufa)
portion is just nice for an average eater, springy hor fun, tender chicken and thick gravy that suits my palate.
*all seems to be covered in thick curry gravy, the noodles and chicken are hard to distinguish in this picture.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Old Town again...

When all the eatery places are closed, the only option nearby is.....
the Old Town WhiteCoffee outlet!
here's my order....
roti paratha with chicken curry
 and chicken chop...
sadly, their chicken chop no longer served with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, but instead I hav the onion salads...which doesn't pair well with the chicken...yucks!
Anyway, that was my late nite 'lunch cum dinner'....coz I was fasting during the day so lazy to eat throughout the day and felt so hungry when the night falls....
yea, yours truly is that hopeless LAZY!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Mr Kabab and Briyani, Putrajaya

My partner in crime suggested to hav Middle Eastern food for lunch...
Without hesitating, we immediately accepted her 'informal invitation' and hop onto her car.
Off we go....to Precinct Diplomatic in Putrajaya!
this place specializes in....well...as the name shows - kebab (they spelled as kabab) and briyani....
During our first visit, I tried their kebab with rice...(I will post up the photos in my next post)
Eventually it became one of our fav lunch spot. After a few visits we hav tried plenty of the food in the menu...
Among them, are:
Naan with dhal curry (RM6) (RM5)
they have butter naan & cheese naan as well but I have yet to try
 the picture below is Beef Shawarma (RM9) (RM10)
and Chicken Kebab with Naan (RM18)
  all of us like this place coz the food is nice and priced reasonably...
the only drawback is the food served are lacking greens, unless u order salads
Besides Middle Eastern, they also served western food such as burgers and chicken/lamb chop, but I hardly interested on their western menu. Most of the diners here are Middle Eastern expats and staffs from the nearby government offices. Me and my colleagues are the only few non-muslim/non-expat diners in the restaurant.
Note: Our visits were done during non-Ramadan month, so I'm not sure if they are open for lunch during the fasting month.
*correction made on the prices as of 6 June 2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thursday Entertainment: Lacoste – Timeless

This is one masterpiece ads that depicts on a story of an epic journey and love at first sight....very intriguing from the beginning...

many costumes were prepared with fashion spanning across 7 decades, just for the sake of this commercial shoot and it was such a big production with many crew working behind the scenes (almost equivalent to some blockbuster movie production!)

enjoy watching!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Becoming a 'tourist' in my home-city

Recently I attended a course in the city centre...
It was fun and enjoyable despite the topics being dull & very exam oriented.
The training was held in an established hotel....
Guess where?
 I was a lousy student coz I dun do revision despite the upcoming exam. Instead I took the opportunity to 'lepak' around the city after the class over. I hopped onto the free GoKL bus and alighted in front of KLCC entrance...
Hi Tower....it has been quite some time.....
this place used to be my hangout place during my schooling days (I no rich, I windows shopping & go cinema only). But since I started working (mostly outskirt KL) I seldom pass by tis part of the city.
it was a fine evening after a downpour, hence many tourist/visitors thronged the KLCC park...
so do I....
ok, enuff of my 'lepak' story....
now, do u manage to guess the hotel? 
it is located in this building...
quite new...and well maintained
 and the pool is so 'inviting'
 even the toilet is tastefully designed!
eh, why I sounded like I jst came out from kampong?!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

McD Currypuff, Homecooked Noodles & Cheese Cake

Obviously the title of this post says it all - The below is a McD currypuff I bought for RM3.50 out of curiosity. It has a very flavorful curry potato filing and crispy crust. I bought it during noon and had it for dinner. Surprisingly it does not turn soggy. But for such price, I could get a better and bigger currypuff somewhere.
 next.....my homemade noodles....I tried the Maggi Kari flavor mee goreng....it was so yummmylicious that I keep craving for more!
lately, I've been inspired by some Instagramer and I 'arranged' my lunch set neatly purposely for a photoshoot...
 here's another homemade stuff....'lou shi fun' in clear soup....simple 'homey' meal that we had for a Saturday lunch.
 and during Mother's day, we had a cheese cake bought from a humble shop in Petaling street...
that bakery shop doesn't always sell cheese cake but when it does, it has the best cheesecake in Klang Valley!
*dun ask me the name of the shop, I seriously dunno coz it was bought by sis.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Colors of Nature

This post featuring some of the colorful plants from the garden...
there are numerous plants in the garden, but none of them stays at its place for long...coz it got shifted every now and then
many of these were 'illegally' plucked somewhere, then grew in the garden....
there are many on the grounds....yet many in the pots too
the colors are so 'striking' especially the yellow ones...it became 'golden yellow' during the sunsets
here are some edible greens...
and the lime plant
Whenever I'm out of veggie in the fridge, I'l just head out to the garden to pluck some
there goes the freshly picked organics greens, paired with my unhealthy instant noodle ;-)

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Entertainment - The Shibutani Siblings, US Nationals 2017

I love ice skating & Frank Sinatra classics...I've always enjoyed watching ice skating competition on TV since kid while trying to figure out how they do the spin....
These duo are one of the best pair in the world....Enjoy watching!


Thursday, May 25, 2017

I'm a happy kid

I'm a happy kid when getting a box full of goodies!
this doesn't belong to me....I'm only helping to eat....
 I'm a happy kid when watching my fav childhood Disney movie.... 
I'm a happy kid when someone popping pop corns in the office
I'm a happy kid when receiving a box of freshly baked pineapple tarts bought from Malacca
looking at it makes me drooling~~~~
I'm truly a HAPPY KID!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Lunch @ Dragon-i

After reading Mun's blog, I suggested to try out this outlet in IOI City the following day.
We joined in the crowd on a busy Friday lunch hour.
This place is usually quiet on normal days, but with the RM19.80 nett set lunch, it became so 'lively'
 I ordered Szechuen la mian noodles...
It came out in a huge bowl with thick gravy...and lotsa noodles
 it was served with a fried pork bun & a half portion of 'hard boiled' egg (which supposedly to be onsen egg, but was overcooked). The egg is the appetizer.
 here are the other selection, you can choose from noodles to rice set...each of these are priced at RM19.80 nett. Click on the picture for a larger view.
 I did not manage to eat the fried pork bun after finishing that huge bowl of noodles...
I kept it for dinner and had it together with rice rolls....

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Short Getaway during Wesak Day

It was a public holiday and since it was in the middle of the week, I went for a short 'escape' to the nearby hilltop.
 here's the beginning of the highway leading to the east coast
 but again I'm not heading to east coast...so after a nearby exit it turned into the road leading to that hill
 and sooner found myself enjoyin this nice view & cooling weather
 blue skies and pine trees
after awhile (less than an hour later), I was here...okay....I just passed by to 'pinjam toilet'
 went to a nearby foodcourt to have porky lunch....if u r a member, this meal costs only 6GP
 this place is new....as it only opened 2 months ago.
 spacious & bright
 the interior is not too dull
 the vibrant green sofa is so eye capturing!
Just in case u r wondering, this place is called 'Good Luck' foodcourt and it is located inside the new casino at Sky Avenue.
and when night falls, I had abalone dinner....yumzzzz....
 with some free live shows on stage...
there goes my one day holiday.....next day back to reality...WORK!

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