UTOPIA: 2017

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


I couldn't think of a suitable title for this post as this post is all about December...the joyous month of the year!
December is also the month when yours truly celebrates her special day!
Saw this cake in Moonlight Café...was hoping to get this cake, but no one at home favor tis clown. The 'It' clown is my fav childhood movie but not my sis as it scare the hell outta her.
Anyway, instead of a grand celebration...I had my b'day celebrated in the office...just a simple one with simple cakes....
*yours truly is easily contented ;-)
why 6 cakes? b'coz out of the six here....4 are Dec babies...and the other 2 were just shiok sendiri.
Anyway, I took a day off on last Friday just to release tension personally celebrate my own b'day. OK, sounds like a loner but no, personal here means celebrate with family members.
So, here is my 'longevity noodles'...
eh, why looks like some wanton noodles pulak?
this is not wanton noodles nor longevity noodles but just simple beef brisket noodles
 *told u oredi, yours truly is easily contented ;-)
 was enjoying my 'longevity noodles' in tis wonderful place
 where only exclusive clubber can access....
yea, the Golden lounge (or something) in Sky Avenue Casino.
Since it was a long weekend (Monday was holiday), so took the opportunity to jalan jalan and enjoy the X'mas atmosphere around...
   here you'll see Snoopy in various attire...
and very huge X'mas tree....
meanwhile back in IOI city mall, not much of decorations compared to those malls in KL city center, but at least the decoration are better than previous years. 
 and lastly my humble work space...some 'Santa' has put a sock at my cubicle with some goodies inside.
Thanks 'Santa' (whoever it is!)
well, yours truly doesn't wish for big lavish gifts....
READ THIS: yours truly is easily contented ;-)
am just wishing for a good health, youthfulness and happiness throughout the year (and the following years ahead)!
Alrite, end of blogpost session...yes...I'm gonna scare u again with the 'It' clown picture

minus the clown makeup and balloon....
H.A.p.P.y  D.e.C.e.M.b.E.r

Friday, November 17, 2017

Final Day onsite

I'm slowly transferring some of those pictures that I captured from my phone...so it would be in the LIFO stage (Last In First Out). Those pics that are most recent are the ones that I'm goin to transfer out first...Anyway, I'm gonna transfer the whole folder when I got the time. Now, it's just steadily bit-by-bit...
here's a recap of my final day in the beautiful land of Mauritius...
It was showering in the morning and then I saw this rainbow from my room. Yea, my room is facing the hill and the sea (from afar). Quite a nice day despite the cloudy skies. I still need to go to the office on my final day, coz it was a weekday.
Since it was my last working day there, their 'boss' brought us (me & another colleague) out for lunch at a nearby mall.  
 Bagatelle mall is their largest mall in the country and it is newly built. Despite being the largest mall, it is still far more 'smaller' compared to our megamalls in Klang Valley. It is a one-storey mall with many international brands/outlets, 3 supermarts, a tiny foodcourt and a few restaurants.
Since we are 'rushing' to get back to office by 2:30, we have to hurried our lunch. Hence we decided to have something fast (but not simple) at a restaurant with the least patrons - The 'Istanbul Bagatelle' restaurant.
It is basically a Turkish restaurant.
I ordered the chicken brochette rice. The rice is sort of like a mild version of bryani, lightly seasoned with spices and has tiny bits of shallots, raisins, herbs leafy...
The chicken in skewer was juicy and tender, very well marinated.
Overall, the meal was a satisfying one and enuff to last me till midnite.
The final day was a hectic one due to some last minute requests. I basically worked to the full brim until the very last 'second'. My senior has to stop me from working further coz we have a flight to catch.
Anyway, we managed to reach the airport on time and still have lil' time to linger around their duty free shops.
The airport is about the size of our KLIA2 (or even smaller) but it is well maintained & cosy. At least their toilet is clean (unlike our KLIA 2).
The duty free shop isn't huge, but it has the usual stuffs that u normally see such as liquor, chocolates, souvenirs, bags, candies...etc
 There isn't much place to munch & loiter...except for the Subway restaurant and another stall nearby. Can't see any Starbucks at all.
  Took the evening flight at local time 8:50pm (GMT +4)
Slight delay when taking off. When the meal was served, it is considered my 'supper' - clockwise from top left: Chicken breast salad, sweet dessert cake (can't recall), coke, curry chicken rice with dhal, bun.
Sort of the usual flight meal when u travel around the Indian region.
 The flight reached Changi airport around 8:00am (GMT +8) the next day.
Good morning SG! It was a nice weather with clear blue skies!
Due to some aviation regulations, all passengers were required to alight and re-queue for onboard the same plane. Such a waste of time but at least I got to stretch my legs & use their free wifi in the waiting lounge.
Touched down KL at 10:30am. It was a working day, supposedly I need to get back to the office but I can't stand the sleepiness, hence I took a day off :-)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Blue skies & crystal clear water

Lately, I've been on-and-off hiatus (and almost in dormant stage) due to work commitment & 'loads'.
For the past month I was out to client's site in this very beautiful country of ....... 
 yea, some hint here....see the flag?
 beautiful weather, nice people & environment...I wish I could stay there longer
 a great place for holidaying coz it has some nice beaches with crystal clear water...
unfortunately, yours truly doesn't have much chance to explore the wonderful beaches....only manage to eat ice cream while watching the sea from the port.
will update u more in my next posts....hopefully!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fish & Co

During the end of last year, we have excessive team fund in our balance. So we decided to spend till the last cent for a Fish & Co meal.
it has been years since my last visit to Fish & Co. Nowadays their fish and chips are getting creative, as there are various sauces to go with different types of fish & chips that u ordered.
the below is one Danish set that my colleague ordered...
overall food's not bad...perhaps i dun have much preferences on my fish & chips!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Toilet wefie @ Majestic Hotel

Just visited Twilight Man's blog and saw this toilet selfie post, and it inspired me to post up the same...
yea...I had a toilet wefie in the same hotel, jst couple of weeks ahead (of his)
so, there goes my 'failed' wefie version..
coz it looks like I m strangling my fren...
either my arm too short or her neck too short...
ok, no more such wefie in the future!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Ming Kee Roasted Pork & Wanton Noodles

I recently read an article recommending all the good eats around OUG & Happy Garden...and it reminded me of this place that I used to frequent - Ming Kee
famous for its roasted pork that one shouldn't missed, this place also sells wanton noodles, chicken rice & bbq pork rice
My last visit was more than a year ago, hence I think it's time for me to drop by again to satisfy my cravings...
I ordered wanton noodles soup with bbq pork for RM6. The noodles are still as springy, the bbq pork (charsiew) wasn't that fatty & jst nice to go along with the noodles. The winner is of course the wanton itself...juicy succulent pork patty wrapped in thin layer of wanton skin...so slippery yet so yummylicious!
and of course, the other 'star' is the roasted pork! How can one resist that?!!
Roasted pork rice at RM6 comes with a small bowl of soup.
not too fat, not too lean...just my type of roasted pork!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Korean Deopbab

Sometimes we run out of ideas on where/what to eat...so we simply 'hantam' a place...
There was this day when all other places were crowded, we ended up with this empty looking 'bbq' restaurant in IOI City Mall. We thought the service would be quick since we were the only patron there.
Unfortunately, we waited for almost 30 minutes before our food arrived, piping-hot from the kitchen.
Here's my bulgogi chicken deopbab. It is basically rice with chicken chunks and kimchi. The Korean rice tea comes with the set.
the portion is quite huge...i did not eat the burned rice at the bottom...
Overall, food was okay, ambience just so-so, service was slow and bad. And their credit card machine malfunctioned, so they only accept cash. They should have put a notice at the counter and inform the patrons prior to ordering (especially when the diner group is huge). Anyhow, we will never be goin there again.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Manhattan Fish Market - Fish & Chips

The MFM are getting aggressive with their marketing strategy...nowadays they have sort of promotion at RM7.99...but it's seasonal and only lasts for a few days.
The queue were crazy during lunchtime...hence me and my colleague decided to 'tapau' our fish & chips for our dinner and took something else for lunch as we couldn't wait longer.
The 'takeaway' customers need not queue and the orders were attended immediately...
there goes our dinner in the office after reheating the Fish & Chips...still as yummyzz!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Drama Queen

Well, I’m sure many of u did encounter of some drama queen in work, schools or elsewhere. But living with one is a terrible hell. I’m kinda unfortunate to have one. And I thought she might have mature over the years, but nope, she is still as bossy, arrogant, complainer and find fault at every opportunities.
Of all the previous trip/outings that I went with her, never once goes smoothly…Perhentian, Penang (twice!), HK…all these ended up in quarrels coz of her ‘attitude’ of bossing and throwing blames on me for tiny reason she could only think of.
The recent one was a trip last week….the incidents still kept lingering in my mind now even days after the trip has over, that I decided to pen it down…coz I felt uneasy with all those accusations/blames that happened during the trip kept ‘boggling’ my mind. I need an outlet to express this out in order to obtain my inner peace.
I thought she would have ‘behave’ since she’s no longer in her 20s now, but a mature mid-30’s, but I was wrong. And I made a wrong choice by inviting her to join me in the trip which got me into a terrible 4-day miseries and depression even after the holiday has ended.

Photo-taking Insults
It seems like the trip is ‘her trip’ and everything is catered to her wish & request. Whenever her ‘wish or request’ is not met, I was the one to be blamed for it. It started from day 1 where she has planned out to cover as much places in Macau island, some are indeed very photogenic…but again, we have limit – TIME. The moment we stepped out of the ferry terminal, she rushed me (to walk faster) to every destination, and it was under the hot sun. I have tried my best to catch up with her pace by running a lil and walking fast but again I have limit. It was 9 something in the morning under the scorching hot sun and I could hardly open my eyes wide coz of the glaring sun. Knowing me that I can’t stand the heat (and has happened to faint due to sun heat in previous years) I slowed down a lil to catch some breathe, but she was way ahead towards the destination without looking back. Well, I’m ok with me walking slowly as long as I don’t bother her. But the ‘over-excited’ her was aggressively pushing & literally scolding me to walk faster so that I could help her snap a ‘beautiful’ picture for her. And of course, I did helped her, not once nor twice but snapping many many photos until she is satisfied. Out of sudden I have been given the chore to become her photographer, how ‘cleverly’ she bossed me. And yes, I have to abide with her ‘command’ in taking perfect photos otherwise I’ll end up getting ear-torture of those ‘abusive’ shouts, such as:

‘walaueh, don’t u know how to take picture??!! U see! U see the picture! Like that my eyes closed also u snap picture?!! Pls do it again and don’t waste my phone battery!’  à Come on la….logical thinking, she blinks her eye the moment I push the capture button, how can I control? I could have the chance to reply her back but I kept cool coz I don’t want to quarrel with her on the street and it was so sunny that I just want to get this done fast.
‘aiyer, why I look so fat in the picture?! Don’t u know how to take picture??!! à seriously I dunno what is the best position to get her pose to look slim coz I m not a professional photographer.

These are only a few of the many photo taking incidents insults that I received. Others are like picture ‘senget’, blur, or accidently taken when she was not ready/smilling…all sorts of complaints. I’m not a photographer and being paid to do all this. Even a paid photographer doesn’t deserved all these insults.

to be continued...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Star Village, OUG

My last visit to this place was 4 to 5 years ago...It hadn't change much, except for maybe a few decorative ornaments....
Yea, I always remember this place as a very decorative restaurant...
and it is always crowded during dinner...We waited for quite some time for our food to arrive, while patiently sipping our drinks
and enjoying the soups
here's my order, the Mamaland chicken (it's not Maryland)
it consists of a huge piece of fried chicken chop, a banana fritter (aka pisang goreng, no joke!), sausage, a side of coleslaw and mashed potatoes...
This would stuff u till FULL!
the portion is quite big for an average eater with all that starchy potatoes/banana and greasy fried stuffs. Nevertheless indulging once-in-a-while should be fine :-)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Contango, Majestic Hotel

The lunch buffet starts from 12pm till 2:30pm. Saturday theme is International cuisine, hence you'll get a variety of western, Japanese, Malay, Chinese & Indian food spread all over the food counters. If you are a seafood lover, u might wanna attack the fresh seafood...
 my colleague likes cheese so much that she went for a few rounds of these!
 and my fav is always tempuras, they have assorted tempuras, sushi and sashimi in their Japanese section.
Also, there are DIY noodles section & salad section. Get yourself a bowl and assemble your own noodles/salad.
 the Italian section, you'll get assorted pizzas and pasta
 then the roasted lamb....with various condiments (not in picture)
various grills and fried calamari rings...I just can't get enuff of this!!!
 but too bad, there's just too many food to try....can't take much of these fried/meaty food...I have totally ignored the Indian food section (where you'l see all the tantalising spiced dishes)
To help/ease your digestion, some fruit juices....
 they hav a variety of desserts, ranging from ice-cream (12 flavors to choose from!)
cendol & ais kacang....
again, it's DIY for ais kacang, just get a bowl and scoop your preferred condiments
churros with choc dipping
 assorted cakes
 more cakes....if you hav sweet tooth this place should not-be-missed!
 all the sugary stuffs - macaroons, brownies, cupcakes, fruits coated with choc....
*too bad I did not try any of it, was too full...
sugar coated buns....*I did not try, don't ask me how it taste
to digest off these desserts, you can choose to have tea....
 or order a cup of coffee....
 those who fancy beer/wines, u gotta pay additional RM70 per person for a free flow
wokay, done eating and 'visually feasting' (with my phone cam)....next, just stroll around the area
and watch people eating....enjoy their interior layout...their dining area and food counters are vastly scattered...
 and lastly here's something for u, dear readers.....

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