UTOPIA: The room @ Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The room @ Hard Rock Hotel Bali

....continuation from my abandoned Bali post....
It was late nite by the time I reached the hotel (we went straight for dinner upon touchdown).
I did not explore much on the first day...was tired after a long day.
This comfy bed welcomed me!
 interior: the mirror and moderate size tv with 'welcome message'.
 it has all the basic amenities despite the small room and being outdate in design.
 yea, I slept on a queen size bed with 4 pillows!
here's the bathroom/toilet
inside the bathroom: supplementary drinking water
 basic necessities: soaps, shampoo, conditioner, shaver, towels etc etc
 well, all basic sanitary stuffs were provided
outside the room: the corridor was brightly lit
 it has glass door with secured door access sensor. I need to scan the room card to access my block. Each floor consists of 4-5 interconnected blocks.
kinda safe, but again, u wouldn't know who is ur neighbour~~~~
the last year committee has set a 'standard' in providing us with a decent but nice stay during the company trip, this year it's gonna be yours truly to take care of those....
countdown: 3 more months to go....


mun said...

Wah, so this year you are on the planning committee. Everything all planned and ready to go?

The hotel room looks nice. Did you sleep on both beds?

Libby said...

The room looks cosy

CL (RealGunners) said...

Tell you, no need go so far lah, MBS in Singapore, people would love you to give them access to the infinity pool! ;)

Nux V said...

Mun: in progress... *finger crossed. Nope, i have another colleague staying with me in that room, we occupied a bed each.

Libby: yea, very cosy & i like their fluffy pillows.

RealGunners: u've been to MBS infinity pool? i see some frens posting in instagram lately. I hav been to MBS back in 2011 but not the pool :-(

reana claire said...

Oh, I never been to Bali.. but I love to go one day! The hotel room is so nice!

CL (RealGunners) said...

No, hahaha, not yet. If I get another business trip to SG, I will then. :P

Hayley said...

The room looks clean and neat.
Never been to Bali before... Wish to go some day, heard it's a beautiful place!

Nux V said...

Reana claire: yea, service was good too!

RealGunners: am looking forward of u posting about MBK infinity pool! haha!

Hayley: yea, it is a beautiful place ;-)

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