UTOPIA: Ipoh Big Tree

Monday, June 27, 2016

Ipoh Big Tree

Nope, I m not eating at the original big tree in Ipoh, but instead the neighbourhood F&B outlet..
Here's my order of dry kuey teow noodles.
 and since it is without much garnishing, I decided to add-in some 'yong tau foo' to complete the meal
 it was a hot day...so here's my fav ice-kacang...really gotta dig deep for the hidden 'treasures' buried underneath the shaved ice!
 my perfect 'hungry-man brunch'
I can eat up an elephant when I m hungry!!!


mun said...

I have been to eat at this place a few times. Not too bad the food.

CL (RealGunners) said...

I'll gladly have some ice kacang now! Man the weather become cilaka again these days >.< ...

Nux V said...

Mun: yea the food not bad, sometimes they have RM1 per piece yong tau foo promotion.

RealGunners: seems like our rainy and cool weather doesn't last long.

mun said...

Yes, once when I was there, I encountered this promotion and ate YTF for RM1 per piece. Very worth it.

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