UTOPIA: Hard Rock Hotel, Bali

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hard Rock Hotel, Bali

This trip was half year ago...I recently unloaded the trip photos from my phone cam, hence only to start bloggin' about the trip now ;-)
From the title itself, you'l know tht I stayed at the infamous Hard Rock Hotel.
If you remember some incident that happened there more than a decade ago, you'll discovered that the blasting took place in this very hotel.
But well, the most dangerous place is the safest place in the island now. With strict security measures, all visitors are being scanned before entering the premise.
There is a walkway about 200-300m from the entrance to the main building. You'll be greeted with a stage upon entering the building. This stage is kinda happening every nite coz there's daily band performances which started from early evening till midnite.
not much patrons when the nite is early. My colleagues hang around with our boss there every nite...nope, I did not join coz I prefer takin' nite stroll along the beach than sitting there being 'blasted' by loud music. 
the corridor was well lit up, though some corners could be quite dark.
These 'electronic guitars' is their iconic structure located at the front entrance with many visitors taking picture with it.


Twilight Man said...

This hotel is fabulous and really commands the best panoramic seaview at Kuta Beach. It was so full house that I had to book next door hotels which was not so nice at all. I must stay there in future!

CL (RealGunners) said...

You like that cannot lo, your colleague teman boss, you go out by yourself. Lose liao... :/

mun said...

Hahahaha at CL's comment above. Lose what? Hahaha!
I have not been to Bali. Looks like you enjoyed yourself staying in this popular hotel.

Huai Bin said...

Yup, the security at high end hotels and resorts in Bali is awesome! :)

I've never been to Hard Rock Bali but I've stayed in Club Med Bali before and it was in a very secure complex due to the bombings too. They'll check all local looking people but never us, coz I guess we don't look local (or maybe they recognize us dy). Even the tuk tuk drivers got checked going in.

Nux V said...

Twilight Man: yea, must stay there next time! it has a manmade beach & large indoor pool with slides where u can enjoy a great splashing time! Service was good too.

RealGunners: why must I stay with the boss? anyway, I went out with another group for nite stroll @ beach and a nearby mall...lagi syiok!

Mun: agree! there is nothing to lose ;-)

Huai Bin: they really take security seriously. Good to see the effort taken by these hotels to protect their premise and visitors.

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