UTOPIA: Breakfast @ Hard Rock Hotel

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Breakfast @ Hard Rock Hotel

My breakfast in Hard Rock hotel was kinda lavish with many choices of eastern & western dishes. They have cereals, English breakfast, toasts, various pastries and warm cooked dishes. Seriously, I was spoilt for choice as everything seems so good.
 The ambience was nice too, with cool sea breeze in the morning and surrounded by lush greeneries from their garden. The cafeteria looks bright and spacious too!
It is indeed spacious and can easily accommodate hundreds with indoor and al-fresco seating.
i wish I could sit there for hours enjoying a cuppa while reading a good book, unfortunately we gotta move-on, to continue with our activities of touring the island.
nevertheless we still managed to spend our mornings enjoying our breakfast and early morning gossips!
Here's my choice, plain congee with some garnishing
freshly fried omelette
and on different days, I opted for some warm cooked dishes. There it goes...
yea, they have plenty of bacons, hams and sausages, u can construct ur own English breakfast as u like, but I usually opted for the unusual combinations which explains the above.


mun said...

Your omelette looks delicious, no need to even have any sauces with it. are those two red patches next to your omelette, chili sauce and ketchup? If yes, did you need them?

I like to eat buffet breakfast provided by hotels until I eat so much, no need to eat lunch.

CL (RealGunners) said...

Bacon? Real oink oink bacon? I'll go for the omelette and bacon, EVERY DAY!

Huai Bin said...

Nice hotel breakfast spread! :)

I love Bali, they always have pork. It's so hard to get pork in Malaysia, hotels won't serve real bacon (only beef/turkey bacon, which is not the same). Bali is a lot better, but Lombok is also Muslim majority.

Libby said...

I also like buffet breakfast provided by hotels, I can eat a lot

Nux V said...

Mun: yes, they are chili and ketchup just to add in some flavour. You can eat it plainly but I prefer mine with sauce. I usually dun take lunch after a heavy breakfast too, but for this trip, since all meals are provided, I have to join in for the lunch, otherwise I would look like the 'odd ones'...lol!

RealGunners: YEA, GOT OINK OINK!

Huai Bin: unfortunately, I did not get to try their babi guling. We hardly hav the chance to eat outside since all meals are provided :-(

Libby: that depends on what sort of breakfast...LOL! I only can feast on warm meals...but if they give me cereals & plain bread all the time I would give a sulking face.

Yee Ling said...

Never stay in Hard Rock but I did visit a few just to buy the magnet. Haha

Twilight Man said...

I really salute the hotels in Indonesia as most of the buffets are not halal yet all faiths of diners would just eat what they fancy.
I must remember to stay at Hard Rock Bali!!!

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