UTOPIA: Weekday Promotion @ Dave's Deli

Friday, March 25, 2016

Weekday Promotion @ Dave's Deli

This place has been having its daily (weekday) promotion for quite some time now. My colleague thought of goin here to try out their roasted chicken. So, off we went!
 i'm not fond of eating chicken with bones, so I ordered chicken chop instead - Hainanese Chicken Chop. Guess what?
After the discount, this huge plate of chicken chop priced at only RM13.70! And that's already inclusive of GST as well.
Dave's Deli applies the self-service concept. U order the food & pay at the counter. If the item is available on the counter they will prepare on-the-spot instantly, else u'll get a waiting number and they will deliver the food to your table.
A few of my colleagues ordered the quarter roasted chicken (similar like Kenny Rogers) and it was also priced at RM13.70 together with the side dishes similar as above. Portion were huge and definitely a good deal on weekdays when there is a discounted price given.
I'll be coming here again for sure ;-)
*the promotion is only applicable for dine-in @ IOI City Mall only.


CL (RealGunners) said...

Huh??? I remember eating at their outlet in Queensbay Mall like... 4 years ago, and it was around this price also. Good job, never naik harga!

mun said...

Price sounds good. Must see what else they have on promotion other than chicken dishes.

Nux V said...

RealGunners: huh? 4 years ago it was this price? The price has already increased to RM20, if not for the promotion u wouldn't get this price like 4 years ago.

Mun: I think the 30% discount is applicable to all items (except drinks).

Huai Bin said...

Not bad, I would expect to pay more at Dave's. There is one near my office too.

Princess Ribbon said...

That place to chicken chop looks good.. I love chicken chop, chicken Maryland.. I like fried things, well who doesn't?

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