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Friday, March 11, 2016

Avani Sepang

I had my annual company dinner at Avani sometime early Jan this year. Instead of jst having a dinner, the organizer has themed up with the Team Building activity and get it done one-shot in this 2 days, 1 nite event.
Since it was an overnite event, we got to stay in Avani...hooray!
This place perfectly suits for a family vacation as it has pools and bike for rent.  
it was a weekend and the place was kinda 'occupied' with families.
but most of them went for the pool as it was a hot day. Yours truly choose to cycle around the place.
with the shape of a palm tree, one can cycle to each and every 'tree branch' to the open sea.
jst make sure ur bike has a good brake system, otherwise 'gone-case'
here's the view from my room.
evening view, moment before sunset
the bathroom is facing the sea too...u can opt to enjoy the seaview while taking shower or slide down the blind if u r not planning to give a free show for a private shower ;-)
the toilet attached to the shower, kinda spacious
u get all the usual amenities
and the spacious room...where u can roll and dance
well, i'm looking forward to the next outing/teambuilding...


mun said...

The view from your room is so, so beautiful!

Huai Bin said...

OH!!! I know why this looked so familiar that I was so sure I've stayed here before. AVANI used to be called Sepang GoldCoast, they invited be in 2012 (I think) to review the place so I stayed the weekend. It was nice, Club Med concept e.g. free food, free entertainment at night etc. Not sure if it's still the same but it was all-inclusive back then.

Nux V said...

Mun: haha, jst a vast sea outside...u'l get bored after awhile.

Huai Bin: yea it was known as Sepang GoldCoast. I'm not sure about the free food & entertainment concept, but I tink it is no longer included as we paid for our lunches in the hotel restaurant. Luckily they can be reimbursed later (from the company) coz it was expensive.

Libby said...

The room looks clean and comfortable

Twilight Man said...

This hotel is quite pricey but very unique and comfortable.

Libby said...

This place looks like the chalet hotel room we get in Avillion, Port Dickson

Huai Bin said...

Yeah, it used to be their thing e.g. Club Med style a.k.a. full board. You just pay once and never had to pay again so dinner, lunch, brunch, tea is provided. You can even order room service, unlimited, no charge. It's like some resorts in Langkawi. Guess it didn't do well or they wouldn't have changed.

TH said...


Glad you enjoyed your holiday in Avani Sepang.

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