UTOPIA: 4Fingers

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


4Fingers launches its new outlet in MidValley sometime last year (Nov?)...Even before launching I was looking forward to it and eager to try out their spicy chicken wings...
 Since it is already 'a few' months old now, this is about time for me try out...
In case u'r not sure where is this outlet located, it can be easily recognised from their signboard - a palm with middle four fingers sign
this is a self service restaurant, hence you gotta pickup ur order at the counter
the dining area, not a spacious one, u gotta wait for seating during peak time
despite being a Singaporean franchise specializes in Korean fried chicken, the interior were designed towards NY-theme, with somekind of direction to 'Lower East Side' which eventually did not bring u there
upon ordering, u'll be given a buzzer (same concept as Yoshinoya). When it beeps, go to collect ur food at the pickup counter.
the 'Restricted' paper cup...btw they have ice lemon tea if u opt for non-soda drinks
I ordered the mix of soy garlic + spicy glazed chicken wings/drummets that served with seaweed fries...
My Verdict:
The seaweed fries were tad too salty...
As for the chicken, the first piece...not bad, the coated sauce is flavorful, tender meat yet crispy skin
second piece...started to get bored with the wings and strong flavorful sauce
third piece, I jst wanna get this done ASAP...kinda overloaded with chicken wings!
Nevertheless, it's worth trying for a first timer!


CL (RealGunners) said...

Err... confusing leh... Singaporean doing Korean fried chicken with NY themed restaurant. Apa dia mau?? @.@

Huai Bin said...

Interesting! It sounds like a franchise operation, but like CL said, the theme sounds a bit disjointed.

I feel like there are too many good Korean chicken places in KL too, especially around Mont Kiara, they will be facing stiff competition. I guess they're targeting a different segment though, at a higher foot traffic place (MV).

It doesn't sound good if you don't feel like finishing the 3rd piece. Haha! I like how you said middle fingers then crossed it out, I was confused too. :)

mun said...

I have seen this place during its opening day with a long queue. I wanted to try it the other day but I looked at the menu for a long time but did not order anything because I personally do not like to eat chicken wings. Now after reading your review, I am totally not eating this. Thank you! :)

Nux V said...

RealGunners: dia mau macam macam...kinda usual in Malaysian F&B with various theme in order to survive ;-)

Huai Bin: my review is based on personal experience...It may not suite my tastebud but some people find it great.

Mun: personally, i think chicken wing for sharing as snack or starters would be nice. This sort of flavorful chicken might not be suitable as a main meal, coz u'll feel 'jelak' after eating a few pieces. Perhaps u can get a few friends to share out the portion so that u dun get overloaded.

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