UTOPIA: Sushi Zento

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sushi Zento

There is a newly opened Japanese restaurant in the neighbourhood and we decided to give it a try.
the queue is not long, but still it is weird to see people queuing outside a neighbourhood eatery place...It is only norm in shopping malls or some well-known cafeteria/restaurant...but definitely not in a neighbourhood restaurant.
When I got in, I was amazed with the interior as if it has transported me to Japan with its wooden infrastructure...
a very typical Japanese restaurant indeed
it occupies the second floor as well.
here's the menu
and sushi price labelled clearly
turns out that this isn't any neighbourhood restaurant but is a well-established chain with outlets in KL Pavilion as well...no wonder there is a queue!
we ordered unagi fish rice set
assorted tempuras
sashimi and tempura rice set
the service was quick and it doesn't take long before our meals arrived
I will definitely come again....
Bon Appetit!


Princess Ribbon said...

Looks good, already drooling now.. I usually order ramen set with gyoza, seldom rice.. Oh wait, garlic fried rice I like, hehe..

RealGunners said...

Glamorous chain open outlet in neighborhood area? Becoming new trend now huh, like that Sushi Mentai...

Nux V said...

Princess Ribbon: I like gyoza, but I prefer having my ramen at a ramen shop than in sushi place ;-)

RealGunners: not really that glamourous as Sushi Zanmai, but the standard is there....I shall drop by again a few months later to see if the standard is maintained.

Small Kucing said...

Its good to have fast and good service

The bento set looks good too. Have not been there

Hayley said...

Hello there!

Miss having nice Japanese food, what you shared looks presentable and appetizing!

Nux V said...

Small Kucing: yes, nothing is more annoying than slow and terrible services.

Hayley: hi Hayley, great to see u here again! yea, the food was 'overall' nice and the service was excellent.

mun said...

I think I know where this place is. I will try out this place if the price is reasonable. I think I ate at one of their outlets in Pavilion and the set portion of fish was really small.

Huai Bin said...

Hey, I think we live very near each other! :)

We were looking at this place too, didn't know it opened dy. We were also planning to dine at Just Seafood (another new place beside this one) but went to tbf instead.

Good to see your review, we'll definitely pay a visit one of these days.

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