UTOPIA: Shanghai, Day 2 - Part 4 (Dinner & Huangpu River Cruise)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shanghai, Day 2 - Part 4 (Dinner & Huangpu River Cruise)

From Lujiazui, the tour adjourned to this familiar place again (remember Yu Garden on my first day?)
nope, not for sight seeing but for a quick dinner....
weather was cooling (yea, mentioned this word numerous times), but I dun mind standing by the roadside for some cool nite breeze...
(*back then April was a hot & dry month in KL, having cool breeze is "something much treasured")
The organizer has earlier pre-booked and ordered our food from the restaurant. When we went in, we were escorted to a private room. The room could fit in four tables...more than enuff for 20++ person. Our food was served without waiting long.
somehow, despite the dinner time, the entire restaurant wasn't much occupied. Only a few corner tables were taken...
after the first few dishes, the rest followed suit...soon after it was piling again...with plates stacked onto one another coz there wasn't enuff space on the table. The below is Spicy Szechuan chicken.
this time, we have more chicken dishes...for those who can't take spicy, there are a few options.
I thought 'siu mai' was served, but I was tricked...this tray is actually glutinous rice shaped like 'siu mai'...Anyhow, food is so-so only...didn't take much picture of the foods coz we were rushing to catch the 'cruise'...
we arrived at the dock slightly before 8...by then the place was crowded, some lining up to purchase tickets...such a brisk business! Well, we dun have to queue up for tickets...all thanks to the organizer who has 'runner' doing these jobs while we were enjoying our dinner.
colourful lights everywhere...from the buildings, ships, streetlights etc.
and it gradually changes its colours...just too many lights to feast your eye.
even the dock is well-lit.
from atop of the cruise ship, the bund is clearly visible.
yeapz...this is the ship that we took.
The cruise starts from the Bund and goes upstream. Towards the south, it takes us to look at the Nanpu Bridge, and then turns round to the north to go to the Yangpu Bridge and finally reaches Wusong Mouth (Wusongkou), which is an inlet of the sea that the Huangpu River and the Yangtze River flow into. The whole journey took about almost an hour to complete.
and it passed-by the prominent landmark, of skyscraper with colourful lights display...it somehow reminds me of the Symphony of Lights in HK, but without the music played on the background.
The Bund, at another side of the river...such an ol' charm!


RealGunners said...

Wah I like this post the best. The night cruise is awesomesauceness!

[SK] said...

wah, so nice you went on a cruise along the Huangpu River.. i just went to have a brief look at the Bund, and my friend who stayed in SH impatiently drag us all to go for dinner~~ :D

mun said...

Did you enjoy the cruise? The night view lights look great. It must be cold at night to cruise down the river.

Nux V said...

RealGunners: tq for liking this post! yea i enjoyed the awesome view ;-)

SK: ur fren must be very hungry then...haha! well i understand ur fren who seems no interested in that coz he has been seeing the view all the time or has taken the cruise before since he resides there. Imagine like u work in KLCC tower and u no longer feel the shiok to bring ur fren visit the tower.

Mun: yeapz, enjoy it lot ;-) Oh, it was indeed cold at the open air upperdeck. After taken some pictures, many went down to the lowerdeck to get some warmth.

Libby said...

Awesome view

Princess Ribbon said...

I scrolled straight to the food pictures when I read the organizer has pre-booked the meal in advance.. haha, but too bad, not many food pictures.. Oohh I thought that's siew mai too.. I think I can finish all!

Nux V said...

Libby: yea, it was awesome!

Princess Ribbon: sure u can finish all? if it's pork 'siu mai' mayb is possible...but for rice, summore the texture similar to rice dumpling...it's kinda challenging -_-

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