UTOPIA: Don't know what to do with these World Cup chickie?!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Don't know what to do with these World Cup chickie?!

these are what we collected during the last World cup (months ago) - yeapzz...it's softtoys!!!
There are about 10 softtoys sitting at home (slightly or more, lost count) collected during the World Cup craze.
While we have gave out a few, we retain the Champion - Germany!
and the 2nd runner up (aka the "winner" of the Final's loser match - is tis the correct word???) - the Netherlands
there were a few remaining, having no idea on how to 'utilize' them, we put them for a group shot.
here's the sexy butts!
head-to-head photo shot 
perhaps 'hand-in-hand'?
 or 'back-to-back'
ok...enuff of my nonsense posts...
till then Adieu!


RealGunners said...

Hahaha, put them in the car, butt facing the back!

mun said...

Hahahaha, they are so cute! Where did you get them? I did not collect any memorabilia of this World Cup.

Princess Ribbon said...

Eh, kam ngam! I have the same chickie at home, the first one.. My mum gave to the boys.. But now, I think the poor chickie is in the toy bin, collecting dust :(

Nux V said...

RealGunners: dunwan la, their butt is too sexy, very distractive and may caused road accident ;-P

Mun: I did not collect them...my parents did.

Princess Ribbon: yay, high 5! The boys dun play softtoys...Poor "Germany chickie" end up in the bin!

mun said...

Wah, your parents are so IN! :)

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