UTOPIA: Flight Meal: KL - Shanghai, China

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flight Meal: KL - Shanghai, China

My flight to Shanghaiwas at 1:45am...It was a midnite flight and reaching there in the morning.
Packets of peanut was served moment after take off...as the breakfast will be a few hours later...which will still be in the middle of the nite (alrite, it is actually during the wee hours in the morning)
i had a western breakfast consists of omelette, potato wedges, sausage and baked tomatoes.
It was served with the usual stuffs of fruits, yoghurt and bun with butter plus a cup of tea.
this meal lasted me for a few hours before my stomach starts growling again at about 9 plus...
luckily the trip organizer had arranged for another breakfast, else i would be starving till lunchtime.
On my flight back home, i took the late noon flight...hence lunch was of more solid dish consist of noodles, chicken and mix vegetable. It comes with fruits, tiramisu and bun as usual.
The tiramisu was superb!
Overall, the food is okay as it suits my palate well.
Bon Appetit!

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