UTOPIA: Cream and Fudge, Banani, Dhaka

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cream and Fudge, Banani, Dhaka

Life is hard in Bangladesh, unemployment is high and salary/wages are way too low to survive even in Dhaka.
Their people have no choice but to opt working in other countries, hence their immigration dept are all-time crowded with citizens applying/renewing their passports. I was at their passport office during the day time for a project submission and somehow seeing their people hardship and the street-life make me felt pitiful over them. They do various odd-jobs and hard labors to earn a living.
there are street vendors selling the similar stuffs...i wonder how they could compete for business...
anyway, their street-scene could be miserably disheartening with a majority of the people in poverty.
Some might only got to have plain bun and water as their staple food, meanwhile only a small population are wealthy and can afford having expensive ice-cream.
Well, my colleague bought us to Cream & Fudge @ Banani, a place which is frequented by expats and some richer people of Dhaka.
As u can see, tht place is not frequented mch by locals, most of the patrons here are expats and non-bangladeshi.
here's the menu
i ordered the similar item based on the front cover of the menu ;-)
it can never go wrong...
well, it was my colleague's treat for the four of us. But eventually he is getting it claimed on company account....
so, it's company treat ;-)
i deserved a nice ice-cream from the company for all my hard work, rite???

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