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Monday, April 14, 2014

Pretty Chinese Actress

Recently i hav been hooked on mainland Chinese series coz it casts by some very beautiful actresses...
Do i sound like a pervert ??? LOLx
scroll down and u'l find out why...

Both of them are such an eye-candy
the series has long ended, but i can't keep forgetting this elegant lady, whom later i know that she is Gan Ting Ting, a rising mainland star
well, i guess Fan BingBing will hav to move aside (at least for now)
she recently starred in another costumed series as Murong An, but unfortunately i haven't got a chance to watch it.
She look kinda gorgeous with such outfit, if i'm a guy, i would have fell in luv with her *wicked smile
 well, I guess she's the envy of every lady out there, coz of her beautiful skin complexion and, hmmm the good looks
anyway, both the actor and actress in this pic are good-looking.
OK, enuff with my crappy posts.
have a nice day ;-)

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