UTOPIA: Full Throttle Girl (Zenkai Girl)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Full Throttle Girl (Zenkai Girl)

This is one of a few Japanese drama series that i watched sometime back. 
Genre: Romance, comedy and with happy ending.
Both the main actor & actress are great in depicting/portraying their roles. My fav is still Yui Aragaki for her role as the ambitious lawyer, Wakaba. Well, she's sort of a person trying to be perfect, something i see myself in her.
 and of course, she's cold and ego, but fought hard to overcome her poverty and also justice, tat's why she chooses law as career...
 nonetheless, despite working in an upscale law firm, she is living in a deprived condition at a small flat.
well, what can u expect from a fresh grad? she saved hard to pay her first rent and to buy nice clothes to invest in her "appearances". Trying to look as professional and classy in front of others but when she's at home, she wouldn't care mch of what she wear...
her one and only pyjamas which she wears at home has even been 'sacrificed' to make ribbons for the lil' Hinata's costume!
here's how her flat looks like, full of books, cluttered, and not much space to walk around!
but somehow i feel it "homely"!
it feels good to be surrounded by books, at least they are stacked up neatly
11 episodes finished in no time...a short series, I wish it to be longer though...

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