UTOPIA: Local Cravings - neighbourhood Nasi Lemak

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Local Cravings - neighbourhood Nasi Lemak

This stall has been around for quite some time, jst right in front of the neighbourhood Shell petrol station. It is within walking distant from my house, but I dun usually frequented this area unless I'm droppin' by the petrol station to fill in some gas.
It operates in the morning from 6:30 onwards as to caters for the nearby office workers.
Offering a variety of warm food, such as fried noodles, fried rice, local malay kuehs, some dishes like beef rendang, sambal squid, sambal shrimps, fried egg, etc..
but their main attraction (i would say) is still the NASI LEMAK
Their nasi lemak is superb, the rice is fragrant, and all ingredients are freshly prepared with piping hot sambal (chili paste)....
p.s: avoid taking too much Nasi Lemak in the morning or u'll end up being sleepy afterwards!
well, in my case, i was on leave that day ;-)
bon appetit!

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