UTOPIA: Abalone for Chinese New Year

Monday, March 24, 2014

Abalone for Chinese New Year

This is a very over-due post which dated back to December/January. CNY has passed for almost 2 months now...but back then, as I mentioned earlier, I had some problem in uploading pics which causes all these delays!

Alrite, here are some yummy food pictures which i had taken during the 'photo-absence in this blog'. Rewind back the time:  Back when we celebrated "Winter Solstice" festival, i had the usual "tong yuen" (glutinous rice flour ball), which signifies harmonious and also marked the midwinter (almost "year-end of the Chinese lunar calendar"). The "tong yuen" were made of coloured flour ball and boiled with sugar/ginger syrup, but i had 'em in soy bean milk!
and when it comes to CNY, another thing to consider "MUST HAVE" is the reunion dinner.
here's one gift box consists of abalone and bird nest.
The abalone has turned into one main dish during the reunion dinner. Appetizing, no?
back in the office, some colleague baked cookies of all sorts and brought them to the office
just look at these colourful & "multi-pattern" cookies!
nice to see and nice to have ;-)

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