UTOPIA: Peak Time

Friday, February 21, 2014

Peak Time

Life has been hectic for the past months and yet it's not gonna end yet...Hav been maintaining a high stamina to keep up with the pace and yet tasks being continuously pilling...The moment I slowed down, the load will drag til infinity high.
And I wonder, is this LIFE?
all about work and no play, no enjoyment...so suxxxxx!
sometimes enough is being enough....am I being paid to work like a cow???!!!
I guess cow's life is much better than mine
Today is Friday evening, yet there's tonne of to-do in my list...seems like never-ending.
Well, I "stole" a few hours to sit back and relax @ KFC, and enjoyed some "people watching"
sometimes, it's just amusing to seeing couples or family-with-chaotic-kids having their meal etc...it helps me to temporary forget about my keep-on-pilling tasks....
and without noticing, I spent an hour plus enjoying my meal while watching people!
so, there goes my Friday evening.

Happy Weekend!

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