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Monday, October 14, 2013

Glitter & Glam


Recently saw one of my colleague's iPhone which is covered with glittery casing...and i tot that was cool...While i m a "low-profile" practitioner and a non-attention seeker, the word "GLAM" never exist in my dictionary though sometimes i dream (in sleep) of being glamorous...haha! But dream is being dream...the moment i woke up...all "glam" pops-off and vanished into the thin air...
Hmmm...the aftermath of watching too much Hannah Montana....wuakakaka!
Btw, hav been so free lately (that's not goin to last long) that i browsed some apartment ideas...hopefully for my new apartment (yea, in my dream again!)
and i stumbled upon this elegant yet simple design...and i tot that this might be cool,  with mustard & brown matching color scheme...
haha...enuff or me crappin' around here
but tomoro is a public holiday...and i can't hold myself to hav some fun here and torture my reader with some nonsense bullshits
at least for now...when i m still f.r.e.e.
and that's not goin to last long...........
till then,
signin' off from the glam & glitter dream land

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