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Monday, August 12, 2013

In House Cafe

In House Cafe has been around in the neighborhood for almost a year
it used to be super crowded during its earlier days...but the crowd is getting lesser & "controllable" these days...mainly b'coz people dun find this place that hype anymore... 
 the food portion is huge (of course it comes with a price!), and this outlet opens 24 hours a day...meaning, it never close!
Not only that, it is a decent place for meet up, with air-conditioned dining area, wifi and tv set to entertain the patrons...
it caters mainly for the younger generations, but it is also suitable for family dining...especially those who wanted to go for a late nite supper at a proper dining place...or early breakfast in the wee hours of morning (as it serves dim sum too!)
 the interior is simple, with light decoration...
 but somehow, the air-condition is too cold for many, as people prefer dining outdoor rather than inside the restaurant...
 here's the drink counter...Among the offerings are various types of tea, coffee, juices, smoothies, pearl milk tea, soft drinks...whatever u named it they seems to hav it!
see these vacant seats???
it was too cold to dine indoor...the air-cond is centrally controlled and it is ON to full blast! 
 so, i ordered myself some weird drink...the drink menu is super long (than one ordinary restaurant does normally offer!)...and so i opted something that i hav not try before...
guess what's this?
 it's yam smoothie with red bean!
i was freezing cold after drinkin' that under a full-blast air-cond and fan...that could probably similar to having ice-cream during winter!
meanwhile, my plate of "yin yong" noodle (Cantonese style noodle, mixture of fried vermicelli & flat noodles) came after 15 minutes!
it was huge...didn't expect that big portion of noodles...almost the serving size for 2 person...but surprisingly alot of people ordering that too! These people were as hungry as me then.
Well, perhaps next time i should go to this place whenever i m near starving condition!

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