UTOPIA: Full Moon Set

Monday, July 22, 2013

Full Moon Set

Before you read further, please hold back your congratulatory message, as it isn't my baby full moon
 it was from a colleague who recently gave birth to a princess...and as a courtesy of our "lai see" (red packets), we were being presented this full moon set in return
 it was very well presented and colourful...it consists of ang kueh, hard boiled eggs, cheese with fruits tart, glutinous rice, and a chicken thigh
 the cheese tart looks appetizing but tasted so-so only
 my fav ang kueh...this bean paste filled delicacy is my all time favorite
and the percik flavored chicken, looks good but tasted like some roasted chicken sold in hypermarket...dry and tasteless!
Anyhow, as it is meant as a courtesy gift box, i dun expect much of a quality from those food ;-)

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