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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Of Interviews & Being Interviewed

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Well…it sort of demotivating when u realized that all these while u hav been underpaid by ur company and doing all sorts of labor works that no one appreciates. U r now in the midst of interviewing a few candidates to fill up the vacancies in the team as now there is no one left for u to even ‘handover’. U felt stuck. U felt suffocated. U felt restless. U felt like u r again back to square one of getting some fresh blood to join into the force. U r so sick of it…training people only to see them leaving afterwards…and the soonest is like less than half a year later?!
But anyhow…interviewing people is quite interesting coz this is my first time of doing it. And I gotta see how much I fare in dealing with interviews (as interviewer and as interviewee). It reminiscence abit of the journey that I gone thru early this year as I compete against 297 (or more) candidates for a position in a top-notch investment bank. It wasn’t easy. I gone through 4 rounds of interviews (not to mention 2 rounds of phone interviews) only to get selected for a senior position. It is not even an Asst.Mgr yet!
But again glad that I undergo it….coz now I hav seen thru ‘it’ and be prepared for the worst. The interviews that I conducted now is far more easier than those that I gone thru personally for this investment bank and the other telecommunication company where I applied for a Manager position based abroad. Well, imagine drawing and explaining flows (impromptu) when being questioned by the hiring manager!
I gotta hav a quick wit to deal with such dead-end situation. So…there goes all my skillsets presented to him in order to get my trust from the hiring guy…but only to be disappointed that I dunno their core communication language…well…it isn’t my fault coz I m use to English as corporate communication language all the while. Switching to another language would make me retarded. But again, I m thankful that I have been given that chance and almost got into this Manager position.
Back here again…rite now…I started to feel that these candidates that I interviewed are much luckier coz they oni go thru one round…and easily got what they want…at least salarywise I m generous enuff to offer what they asked for :-)

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