UTOPIA: The room @ Genting First World

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The room @ Genting First World

It has been my third stay at Genting First World hotel...all thanks to the membership dinner treat where i got to enjoy free room & free meal (dinner and a breakfast on the following day).
Nice deal rite?
the elevator & corridor leading to my room
 the misty cloud and view from the behind of the hotel
 here's the standard room...well, not much to expect when the room is free
 my bed on the left
 mum's bed on the right
there is a basin next to the shower and the toilet rooms,
i like how they separate the shower and toilet in different rooms.
Hence, someone can go for shower while the other can use the toilet at the same time
and the basin is situated at outside of these rooms...it is so convenient as it can be used separately from the shower and toilet
overall...i had a pleasant stay here
another free room will be on my birthday month ;-)

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