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Friday, May 31, 2013

Help, I'm stressed!!!

*This post is so much overdue and was written some time ago...Glad that I resigned...and now they 'appreciated' my contribution more. But people never learn...the same cycle repeated. Hopefully i could escape my tedious job very very soon...

I m supposingly to stay back and work on my tenders....coz i have 3 running tenders that is about to due soon.
Well, not that i dun care about it and act 'cool'...but i jst dun have the mood to do anything when things went "out of control".
"Out of control" due to resources shortage and time limit. Wish that i could have more time to deal with each tender but all 3 came in at the same time and submission was jst one week apart from each other!
There's nothing to be proud of being the sole survivor in the team, in fact all my teammates have now moved on and no longer touching or dealing with bids...IT IS A TEDIOUS JOB!
Yea, i knew that, but i stayed on, and now i m the LONGEST surviving team player (though there is no one else in the team). I have survived what is supposingly the 3rd cycle, coz the team that i m having now is a completely new faces ever since I joined. Not only that, but it is a complete 180 degree change of all new faces for the 3rd time! I guess i m now entering the 4th cycle with another new boss.
Yes, even my bosses have changed!
Imagine having see my boss-es left and another take over only to bid him/her farewell soon after a year or less...It is kinda demotivating.
It isn't an enjoyable job...I'd say that this current job that i m holding is not a promising one, and people will only treat us as 'office maid'?  Meaning, that someone who did all the work but the one who got fame and all the pride is someone else (could be the direct boss, or the account manager)...and soon enuff, u were left unappreciated, no one in the company knows your contribution despite you having worked hard and throw plenty of effort in meeting the deadline and ensuring the company wins the bid!
No commission, no appreciation. NOTHING! and then the same mode continues...they dragged us to handle another tender (yet another hectic and pressure cycle) and tells you to do it properly so that the company could win....(But what the heck of winning...i m SICK & TIRED of hearing all this WINNING thingy, that it got no impact in motivating me anymore). Not that i m getting any recognition and share out of it! Only more shits to come my way. What upsets me more, is that all the superiors (with manager ranking) knows our hardship but tried to avoid doing our job...coz they know this "bidding job" is mean for younger people who can sustain hardlife, work hard, tough, and have high endurance/patient coz the job is very very very (x billion zillion times) TEDIOUS (as in using mental power). It sounds like a superman's job to be able to know everything from technical knowledge of the company's product, vendor's product, to legal terms, and then financial calculation (project costing) and then putting the technical stuffs into nice written form (in terms of writing contents and sophisticated graphics). I would say it requires an all-rounder to be able to do such. Not to mention also good time, resources, and project management. But why project management? Coz u gotta plan also the project (yea, the project that u r bidding on!) timeline, resources, and the entire architecture of how that project should looks like and how it should be developed. So, not only u r planning the bid and how should the team execute the bid to meet deadline, but is also planning the project jst like any Project Manager does! and sad still, PM doesn't have to do all the writing and graphics and calculation and negotitation, coz this task has been distributed to dedicated personnel (or a project team) who do such tasks after the contract is awarded. But during the bidding stage...no one cares about it...coz to others it is just a waste of effort when there isn't a promising revenue yet.
Yes, it is true that there is someting is REALLY wrong with the management and with the work segregation here...but the top management doesn't realise it and only blame the lower level staffs of doing things inproperly. BUT why is it us to be blamed? It is not one person effort but also the entire company...IF they dun cooperate, there is no point we can whipped out MAGIC by ourselves...This is very very saddening case...even my new boss, and my new colleagues can SEE THIS ISSUE....and they are now looking for an 'escape'....

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