UTOPIA: A twist in my final decision...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A twist in my final decision...

Have u ever felt so much doubt that u feel loss?
Well that is that kinda feeling i m havin rite now.
Am still doubtful over my decision of switching job.
It isn't about the 'switch' that makes a big deal, but is about leaving behind my current company and my 3yr++ of track record that gets me eligible for PMP certification, and leaving behind my comfort zone...and my hardship effort that gets me some lil' recognition in the current company...
And the awful feeling of the whole scenario in starting over afresh at an unknown place with strangers 'colleague', and climbing over the 'corporate stairs' again.
I'm not belittling my ability of not able to re-do all over again, but why re-do when u already achieved and is getting so near to 'it' over here?
Well i do miss the lil' luxury that i have if i ever leave:
  1. The allocated internal car park that is reserved for me under the designation of 'xxx manager'.
  2. The luxury of staying so near the work place and less (or near to zero) hassle of commuting to work. Staying up late in the office is someting i enjoyed :-) coz it is peaceful and quiet at night.
  3. Being a 'tai ka che' over here, being respected and well-known to most people.
  4. Monthly b'day celebration & bonding with ppl from other dept.
  5. Daily free lunches? hehe....
  6. $$$$$ the nice figure of counter offer
  7. Opportunity to travel to exotic countries.
  8. Working under a 'respectable' and 'understanding' boss who values my skills.
  9. Chances to polish my leadership and presentation skills.
  10. Those phone, mobile, parking, travel allowances/claims, OTs that i could claim.
  11. No cost of parking, lunches, mobile calls...as all are covered by company.
  12. Safe and green environment in TPM.
  13. Freedom of roaming around ;-) well, i can walk anywhere i wish when too bored sitting at my place.
  14. Freedom to do personal things, well, not during office hour of course...but the short travel time can get me anywhere and save me time to spend more on personal stuffs ;-)
  15. Less formal environment.
  16. Less office politics.
Why should i care about those lazy people that is spending company $$ but not doing a single work...i jst need to do my part and paid accordingly, that's supposed to be it.
I have been thinking so long and afraid of making another mistake that i did 5 years ago. Well, it is not easy to mend back...IT TOOK 5 GREAT YEARS!

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