Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I am so moody to proceed with any task right now. Yesterday i was so gung-ho about completing my task, but today i m no different from a dead fish.
I'm demotivated on doing anything. Felt that my job is very operational, needs lotsa attention and very time-consuming. It has no difference of picking up and sorting out a bag of beans! It would be good if there is a machine to do this for me ;-)
Lately i hav been tinkin' of quitting my job...coz i felt i m not supposed to be here anymore. Well, what on earth does a person with an above average intelligent, good technical background, and a graduate from a prestigious & highly reputable university do an operational job?! is a waste of talent and i felt sorry for myself for under-utilizing my brain, talent & lotsa dedication.
This isn't a human job after all....it drains out my energy coz of too much focus and attention in completing the tasks, but it doesn't train my brain to think logically...coz it's all operational & tedious!
What saddened me most is not just the operational work, but seeing my colleague (from the other team) who enjoys her travels with her teammates, makes me even more heartache.
I dream to be in a job that is based overseas. Well, i mean both are not easy job, why should i suffer here? i would rather take up a job tht is based abroad, suffers (coz in both my job and her job, aren't easy job after all), and earn my hardship allowance!
Working locally doesn't give me any hardship allowances, despite me working round the clock, international time! Worse still, i m being treated like a 3rd-class labour, who being commanded to 'do back-end support' the Sales Manager. Well, they are the one who gets all the glory & recognition (plus rewards) when the deal is closed, not my team, and definately not me.
Recently i went to a few interviews, and both are able to offer me a good remuneration. Well, these company out there who doesn't know me well (and my contribution) can pay me well enuff. It is so upsetting that my own company who knows my talent and ability, only keep on exploiting my "labor" and "services"!
DEEP SIGH..............
For these 2 companies that recognizes my talent,
thank you for givin' me an opportunity.

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