UTOPIA: CNY Dinner - Round 2

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

CNY Dinner - Round 2

We had our 2nd round of CNY dinner on the 7th day of Lunar New Year...sort of celebrating "Yan Yat"
We went to the nearby Esquire Kitchen restaurant and ordered their CNY set dinner for 6 pax.
It comes out with these dishes:
Fried Chicken in Plum Sauce
Pork Rib with Shiitake Mushroom Stew
Fried Shrimps in Oat
Stir Fried Lotus Root with Assorted Veggie and Cashew Nuts
Mushrooms with Capsicums
Grouper Fish in Sweet Thai Sauce, garnished with pineapple & longan...
This is someting new, i haven't tried fish with fruits before, but it tastes good!
Dessert was glutinous rice flour ball in soy milk...my fav!
Bon Appetit!

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