UTOPIA: Come Fly with Me - Gaya Airport, West Bengal, India

Friday, February 15, 2013

Come Fly with Me - Gaya Airport, West Bengal, India

Was excited to hav reached India!
 the temperature on the ground was about 20 degree Celcius during the landing time...a big contrast from Bhutan's temperature...it's hotter but not as hot as in BKK or KL!
Approaching Gaya Airport from the landing runway
 Some preparation from the ground crew - the staircase and officers stood waiting
 Then, they came over with a big oil tank
 While some passengers disembark, i was busy observing the activities around the airport.
Here is one crew busy with his assigned task...
 Meanwhile an officer has been standing there to guard the luggage loading...he was sort of custom/immigration officer and his role is to guard the crew while they load down the luggage from the compartment. Sort of an easy job huh?
The crew has to be efficient in doing their job coz the plane has a fix timing to depart later on.
This guy furiously shouting to the other side to get the door opened!
 It's nice to see these people working on the ground...they are energetic, efficient and systematic!
Even the staircase has been ready before the next plane arrived!
 not just one stairs but two! haha!
On the ground, the pilot captain was busy chatting (mayb some serious talk?) with a local Indian guy...This fella is the DrukAir pilot who has been taking control of our flight. He's tall, dark and handsome! Oh....he speaks very good English and Bhutanese language too! I guess the air-hostess must have admired him as much as i do!
 after 30 minutes, they are still pumping the oil...seems like never-ending
 the curtain was left open..it overlooks the entire economy class seating area. Some crew was doing a spot check on each seating...jst in case someone left their belongings at their seat while they have disembark the plane.
 i stood from my place and looking at the pilot seats
 so, here comes the next plane from Myanmar...quite a lot of Myanmese going to India...and i noticed most of them are monks!
My flight experience for this time leds me to discover lots of airport ground activities and observed how these people works (and jived) systematically! Every crew here hav known what comes next and already plan ahead (yea, it is mandatory) coz there is a timing for each flight...and any delay will resulted in big loss to the flight company.

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