UTOPIA: Tong Pak Fu @ IOI Mall

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tong Pak Fu @ IOI Mall

"Tong Pak Fu" was once a controversial dessert shop as it's spokeperson has spoken badly about our local food while praising & promoting its dessert range.
However, after awhile...the stint has been forgotten and locals started to throng this outlet again, so do i...out of curiousity as it seems like a trend that people here started to get hooked unto such dessert (just like bubble milktea!). So, i just tot "why not i get myself to try it someday?"
And so, here it goes...my first ever Tong Pak Fu experience (not that i haven't tasted any snow ice dessert before?!!) I m wondering why is this outlet so popular...
 I got myself a guava flavored snow ice dessert
tasted so-so only...but the shop interior is nice
i like how they blend stricking orange and light green together...
well, if u hav not tasted snow ice dessert before, this might worth a try, else jst forget about it.

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