UTOPIA: Lum Mein (udon-like noodle in thick gravy)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Lum Mein (udon-like noodle in thick gravy)

I dun opt for such noodle if given other choices. Normally i prefer having a 'thinner' noodle rather than this "rough-like" type of noodle. Yea, it was spongy and chewy, but i would get bored chewing the "flour" after some time.
Anyway, this would be my 2nd or mayb 3rd time having "Lum Mein"...
not quite actually sure what does the "Lum" means here...hence i couldn't translate the name of this dish.
 it looks appetizing, as if some udon noodle being cooked chinese-style.
the presentation isn't bad, at least it kicks my appetite to finish it off (rather than eating half plate before got bored over it!)
Can't believe we have such nice food in the neighborhood morning market...hidden treasure!

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