Saturday, December 1, 2012


Before i start with my writin', let me share a video that i used to enjoy during my college time, when Spiderman 2 was a hit back then

ain't u feel happy listening to this song?
that's oni happen when u let go of some burden/worriness...
no, i haven't let go of my burden, but i had overcome my own fear, which could be a plus point and get me go far...
guess what?
i dun feel stage fright anymore!
*ermm...i mean under certain condition, well i guess i work well with impromptu talk
at least i dare to try, and volunteer myself to present some ideas on behalf of the group, standing in front of the room, speaking and presenting my ideas without "long gap of silence"...
and somehow, they might be some "nervous feeling" at first, but hey, i manage to overcome it and get my ideas flowing.
Well, glad with my achievement, not that i could get this chance all the time, to stand in front of a big group, sounding like a speaker, socialite, leader...kinda thing.
No more stereotyping me as the "demure, shy-looking, introvert" person. Gonna get rid of this image very soon.
And A-H-A! It's finally December! my favorable month...coz it is year end when all the parties come.
I hope i could get enuff party this year, before 2012 ends!

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